Finding a good Anime MMO is difficult. Tower of Fantasy disappointed tens of millions of players when it released. Blue Protocol might follow suit as a direct result of Amazon potentially – keyword here – potentially ruining the Global release.
SoulWorker kinda sucks. All of X-Legends MMOs are either dead, or shutting down. MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online really only appeal to a very niche audience.
I’m sure many of you, much like me, thought all was lost. And it very well might be – I think the age of the MMO has kinda set sail. There probably won’t ever be another MMO that reaches the level of success WoW has.
But this, this might satiate the thirst we have for something fun – different to Blue Protocol, different to many of the MMOs currently available. Or it might ultimately fail like all of its predecessors.
Crystal of Atlan. The “Magipunk Action MMORPG.” An MMO I covered 2 years ago.. that disappeared for 2 years and reappeared a few days ago, with confirmation of a Global launch, and an upcoming Global Closed Beta slated for December 2023.

“Embark on a wondrous journey of magic and machinery.” That’s the tagline on their website.
Atlan is an action MMO. It features full action combat – no tab-target. They claim you’ll be able to perform dodges in mid-air and strike enemies from all angles.
You’ll be able to equip over 10 unique skills to create your own fighting style. I’m actually a fan of larger hotbars like this, Blue Protocol, Tarisland, Perfect New World. I’ve played all 3 upcoming MMOs and the very limited hotbar – allowing you 3 to 5 abilities really inhibits your freedom to react to different situations.
There are going to be functional dungeons and raids – which are all multiplayer.
Atlan will feature a number of different classes. The Scytheguard, Puppeteer, Gunner, Bounty Hunter, Berserker, Elementalist, Musketeer, Magiblade, Swordsman, BladeMaiden, Magister, and Warlock.
Looking at the classes, they all seem to possess their own distinct look and feel. I will note that while much of the game still remains unknown, it does seem as though the classes, much like Tarisland and Perfect New World, will be gender-locked.
Which you no doubt also suspected given it seems as though each of the classes have their own lore, history, backstory. Their own personality, and character models.
This might function similarly to SoulWorker, where classes have their own unique stories, but feature the same main story.
It adds depth to classes, but also limits what you can play and what your character can potentially look like based off of what aesthetic you’re going for. I hated that Reaper was locked behind the little Loli class in TERA. Or that Gunner’s could only be Human or Elf female.

It looks as though Crystal of Atlan features a large world to explore. It feels very reminiscent of Tower of Fantasy, if I’m being entirely honest.
There is a type of Gacha present, but I’m uncertain what you’ll obtain via the Gacha. Maybe additional classes? Maybe classes function like the Simulacrum you get in Tower of Fantasy, or the other classes you obtain in KurtzPel?
Crystal of Atlan is also cross-platform compatible between PC and Mobile platforms. Which I know will be an immediate red-flag for some players, but cross-platform games are becoming more and more prevalent in recent years, and they’ve seen quite a significant increase in terms of quality.

Will Crystal of Atlan be the next big MMO? No. But it could be a very fun, very entertaining Anime MMO to play for those of us that enjoy Anime MMOs. And that’s all I want.
Oh, and an MMO that isn’t censored. That’s a bonus.