Mist Sequence is a futuristic retro-fantasy real-time strategy RPG that could potentially rival the likes of Arknights or Path to Nowhere.

According to the Bilibili page, players will be descending into a a continent enshrouded with fog to explore the truth, while mediating between the four forces with unique cultures and seeking balance.

Mist Sequence is going to feature real-time combat. Both enemies, and player-controlled units will move across a grid-based field in real-time.

The narrative will be told in both 2D and real-time 3D, with 2D models being vertical hand-drawn, and 3D allowing them the ability to create beautifully crafted cutscenes.

It seems as though the game will feature a progression system much like Punishing Gray Raven, Azur Lane, Honkai Impact, in so that there are Chapters and Missions, and you progress through chapters by clearing missions.


Starline Network


Starline Network


Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2024 for Global


Mist Sequence is a retro-future fantasy × real-time tactics SRPG independently developed by Starline Network. Players will play the role of an investigator under the “Fog Investigation Team” and are ordered to explore the continent shrouded in thick fog by airship. Players need to lead investigators with different personalities and abilities to fight against visions and monsters from the fog and find out the truth behind the fog. After a long and lengthy family war, Taimulan has long since entered decline. Now, on this land where the miracles are declining and barren, there is only the last family of “human beings” left to live, reproduce, and fight together alone. The story begins with a sudden disaster – the sky-high fog from the North engulfed the Belur Province in the western border of the empire in one day. The pale fog condensed into a sky-high barrier, which also cut and obscured the human homeland. There was no more news from each other. Monsters, visions and nameless killing legions emerged from the strange thick fog, threatening the safety of the last group of dependents. In Belur Province, all forces trapped in the fog jointly formed the “Fog Investigation Team” in order to find out the truth about the mutation. People from various forces have very different customs, technologies, and preferences, but they also put aside their prejudices in the face of crisis and work hard to solve this disaster. “You” with outstanding qualifications also appears at this time. You were invited to become an investigator and ordered to embark on a journey with your companions to find a glimmer of life in the fog…and the truth buried in the earth, oceans, stars and blood.

Mist Sequence is a Brand New Strategy RPG

Mist Sequence is a futuristic retro-fantasy real-time strategy RPG that could potentially rival the likes of Arknights or Path to Nowhere. Honestly, as much as I love Arknights - it's one of my favorite Gacha games that I play every single day. I feel as though there...

Mist Sequence Pre-Registration

Mist Sequence may be one of the first instances of competition Arknights faces. Players take on the role of the lead "investigator" under the "Mist Investigation Team," and are tasked with exploring a continent enshrouded in thick fog via airship, accompanied by other...