Mist Sequence is a futuristic retro-fantasy real-time strategy RPG that could potentially rival the likes of Arknights or Path to Nowhere. Honestly, as much as I love Arknights – it’s one of my favorite Gacha games that I play every single day.
I feel as though there needs to be more competition for it. Genshin has competition in the form of Unending Dawn, Project Mugen, Wuthering Waves, Arknights Endfield, Duet Night Abyss. What does Arknights have? Nothing.
That could all change with Mist Sequence.
Players take on the role of the lead “investigator” under the “Mist Investigation Team,” and are tasked with exploring a continent enshrouded in thick fog via airship, accompanied by other investigators – AKA, hot Husbando’s and Waifu’s.

According to the Bilibili page, players will be descending into a a continent enshrouded with fog to explore the truth, while mediating between the four forces with unique cultures and seeking balance.
There are strange beasts lurking in the fog, and it’ll be up to your team of investigators to find the source, and save the inhabitants left within. Characters you recruit will feature an allegiance to specific factions, adding additional depth to characters and organizations.

Mist Sequence is going to feature real-time combat. Both enemies, and player-controlled units will move across a grid-based field in real-time. Where they move, how far they can move, and how fast they can move is dependent on the terrain, the type of unit they are.
With this in mind, you’ll need to plan out movement, commands and engagements as to not find yourself out of position.

The narrative will be told in both 2D and real-time 3D, with 2D models being vertical hand-drawn, and 3D allowing them the ability to create beautifully crafted cutscenes.
Character models look absolutely beautiful as part of the story, with in-game models adopting a chibi style like what is found in Arknights and Blue Archive.
I honestly don’t mind this as they’re 2 of my favorite Gacha games, and I’m a fan of both fully 3D and chibi graphical styles.

It seems as though the game will feature a progression system much like Punishing Gray Raven, Azur Lane, Honkai Impact, in so that there are Chapters and Missions, and you progress through chapters by clearing missions.

And that’s Mist Sequence. A game similar to, but not entirely copy-pasted from Arknights. Competition? Yes. Definitely. And it genuinely looks pretty good.
We don’t have a confirmed Global release date at present, or a Global Beta test. But one is definitely in the works, given the recent Chinese Beta tests that were run.