You recall how ArcheAge 2 was slated to release in the beginning of 2024? Then as we approached 2024, it got pushed back towards the end of 2024? Well, now that we’re in 2024.. in a shocking turn of events, it got pushed back again. I know, surprise.

Not just ArcheAge 2, though. Chrono Odyssey – what seems to be a beautiful, fast-paced action MMO also got pushed back. What was once expected to release in 2024.. well, is no longer releasing in 2024. But that’s fine.

Y’know why? Because they share a publisher – and the publisher – which has a history in delaying their MMOs – like they did with Elyon – and have continued to do with ODIN Valhalla Rising, has confirmed a release date – or at the very least, release year for both upcoming games.

chrono odyssey and archeage 2 releasing in 2025

Let me preface this by stating that these are both open-world MMOs. They’re both developed by Korean studios. They feature action combat. It’s like if TERA and Blade & Soul released at the same time – they’d cannibalize each other due to the stark similarities in terms of…. well everything.
So I’m hoping they understand this. There’s a reason Amazon pushed Blue Protocol back repeatedly, because they needed Throne & Liberty out first, and they don’t want an overlap in titles.
The publisher, Kakao Games – the very same studio that ruined Black Desert before Pearl Abyss took back control, who shut down Elyon, shut down ArcheAge, and.. have arguably one of the worst track records launching and maintaining an MMO long-term want to launch 2 MMOs that would directly compete with one another.
This cannot end well.

In Kakao’s first quarter financial report for 2024, Kakao revealed that both ArcheAge 2 and Chrono Odyssey are confirmed to be releasing in 2025. Both games are developed by separate studios, and while both have 2025 release years confirmed, it doesn’t look as though there’s a definitive timeframe. Meaning they could potentially space the release of the games out.

chrono odyssey

Chrono Odyssey is described as having “Dynamic and action-filled battle, with unique classes and wide- ranging weapons, Fascinating experience delivered through manipulation of time and space in a fantasy world, Diverse array of PvE content strengthening role-play feature, and Customization based on wide-ranging option and higher degree of freedom”
From what we saw in the trailer footage, that doesn’t seem like an unrealistic expectation, and I genuinely believe the game will end up being a lotta fun. I just have a suspicion that Kakao are going to make it heavily pay to win.

archeage 2

ArcheAge 2 is described as having “Non-target action combat, maximizing the fun of mainstream combat style and maneuver, Single-play style with an immersive narrative based on inherited universe, Tightly-knit open world with unfettered adventure, and Inherits Arche Age IP and its livelihood content”
This I’m a little less enthusiastic about. “Single-play style” meaning a focus on solo play rather than content meant to be consumed with other players. “inheriting the ArcheAge IP and its livelihood content, based on an inherited universe.” ArcheAge is a very fun game, but at the same time they’ve confirmed they’re removing a lot of the open-world PvP elements to better focus on PvE.
So I’m not sure what they’re inheriting.

ArcheAge 2 is the sequel to ArcheAge, with Kakao shutting ArcheAge down recently due to an empty playerbase and nobody left spending money. Chrono Odyssey was announced back in 2020, went quite for a couple years, then popped back up with a new trailer, and confirmation that it was releasing on to PC and Console.
NPIXEL’s last game was GRAN SAGA, a cross-platform MMO released on PC and Mobile. Both ArcheAge 2 and Chrono Odyssey are releasing on to PC and Console.

ODIN: Valhalla Rising was confirmed to be releasing in 2024. After a confirmation it would release in 2023, and was delayed. Repeatedly. And after a year of silence from the devs, we’re left approaching the 2nd half of the year with not a whisper from them.
Last we heard, they were considering removing auto-play from the Global version of the game, as ODIN: Valhalla Rising is a PC-Mobile cross-platform MMO. They have time, however, as they did confirm the release would be in the 2nd half of 2024.

With releases slated for 2025, we should expect Beta tests to begin for at least one of the games soon-ish.
For both Chrono Odyssey and ArcheAge 2 to be successful, they need to release with a large enough gap between launch dates. Otherwise, as noted, they’ll cannibalize one another.
Meaning an early quarter 1 release for one, and likely a later quarter 4 release for the other. If we’re going to get a quarter 1 release, we’d need Beta tests to begin in the next couple months.
ODIN: Valhalla Rising’s Beta test needs to begin VERY soon, or it’ll end up delayed into 2025 as well. And honestly, by then, the game might as well already be irrelevant. It’s already several years old.