Kuro just revealed the official release date of patch 1.1 – and it’s coming earlier than we had originally anticipated.

You’ve probably exhausted everything there is to do ingame right now. And if you haven’t, you’re not trying hard enough. I’ve poured over 80 hours into Wuthering Waves since it launched, most of which has been on stream. The sheer amount of content present is overwhelming.
I feel like I’ve barely even done half of what there is to do. Cleared several levels of Hologram boss fights. The Tower of Adversity. Explored a LOT of the world, but everytime I look another direction there seems to be a new chest, a new puzzle. Something that distracts me from my ultimate goal.
Which is part of the fun, I guess. Exploring a new world. As of today, June 3rd, 2024, it’s been 11 days since the release of Wuthering Waves, and a lot of you are no doubt wondering to yourselves.. well, what now?
I mean sure, you could totally do the Overdash Club event each day, but that’s a mini-event, not a major patch with story-content, new Echoes, Resonators. So.. when is the first major patch, 1.1, releasing? And what will it include?
That’s what we’re here today to discuss.

Version 1.1, "Thaw of Eons"

Let’s start with the most important information first: In an effort to provide players access to 1.1 earlier, reducing the down-time between patches, and perhaps also avoiding the launch of Zenless Zone Zero, Kuro have confirmed that they are shortening the patch cycle from 6 weeks to 5, with version 1.0 now ending on June 28th.

With the reduction in duration for 1.0, Yinlin’s banner, “When Thunder Pours,” along with her accompanying companion story, “Solitary Path,” is being moved up a week, meaning she will be available to obtain beginning June 6th, running through June 28th.
There are plans for the limited-time challenge event, “Alloy Smelt,” and additional spin-off events and features planned but not yet disclosed.

After Yinlin’s banner concludes its 3-week run, the game will be taken down for maintenance, where they’ll proceed to implement version 1.1, “Thaw of Eons.” The update will feature a brand new area, “Mt. Firmament,” including the 2 new Resonators “Jinhsi” and “Changli,” along with the new “Jue” boss. Yes, the very same Jue we were introduced to in the story.

As compensation for the inconvenience caused by the adjustment in release timing, we’ll be receiving 10 Radiant Tides, obtainable from June 3rd through June 28th.

Echo changes

Many people – myself included, have an issue with the growth of our Echoes, as Tacet Fields, where we obtain the items to build our Echoes, require 60 Waveplates to receive the rewards. We’re capped at 240 Waveplates, meaning.. if we want to do anything else that consumes ingame stamina.. we have to forfeit Echo growth, which directly affects our overall power, inhibiting our progress.

Kuro are aware of this, and have confirmed they’re going to be introducing a limited-time event, rewarding players with double the materials, essentially making every Tacet field cost 30 Waveplates until 1.1.
In version 1.1, they will reduce the Shell Credit cost, increase the acquisition of Echoes, and Echo development materials, and what I think is a huge quality of life improvement, remove the reward cutscene after completion of a Tacet Field.
Making it easier to build and customize the perfect team, which – with the inclusion of Yinlin, Jinhsi and Changli, is going to be more important than ever.

To make it easier to farm Echoes – and engage in other stamina-intensive activities, Kuro confirmed they will be compensating players with 20 Crystal Solvents – equalling 1,200 Waveplates in total. An enormous, absolutely unnecessary, but completely appreciated means of aiding us obtaining our best in slots.
A “Waveplate storage system” is also planned. Maybe not in 1.1, but in a future update, allowing you to store Waveplates for future use.

Additionally, and this is the last part concerning Echoes, on May 29th, they had an issue concerning the Echo recycling system. This was resolved, and as compensation, on June 10th we’ll be receiving 1 million Shell Credits.

5-star weapon issues

Another issue Kuro encountered was with the weapon description for the 5-star weapon Verdant Summit. There was a mistranslation, which lead to a lot of drama online – many creators documented this.
It was confirmed that in 1.1, and future updates, corrections and improvements will be made, if and where necessary. To compensate players, they’re offering players 5 Forging Tides. This will be available from June 3rd through June 28th, up until the launch of 1.1.

pre and post 1.1 events

Concerning Events, we currently have the Overdash Club, which is pretty basic, consisting of a few small races, rewarding you with Asterite and other goodies for successfully completing it within a set time.
They’ve confirmed they’re redesigning the rules and rewards for upcoming events – events released during Yinlin’s banner window perhaps? And future updates included in 1.1 as to not be so easy, or underwhelming. Honestly I’ll take any content, but it’d be great if it lasted longer than 90 seconds per day.

After the Overdash Club concludes, we’ll obtain access to a new limited-time special event titled “Wuthering Exploration.” This begins on the 13th of June and will run through June 27th. You’ll get Morphable Elite Class Echoes, Premium Tuners, Sealed Tubes, and 800 Asterites for completing the event.

Kuro stated they would work towards improving events – content within it, and rewards after completing it, moving into the future.
Note: The Alloy Smelt also begins on June 6th, accompanying the release of Yinlin’s When Thunder Pours Convene event.
The Depths of Illusive Realm is being optimized, with 1.1 introducing new content, new playable characters, new challenges, new mechanics and new buffs. Which is great – further expansion in terms of content to consume is always welcomed.

other changes

While we haven’t received any information concerning the story for 1.1 – other than Jue will be the final boss, Kuro did reveal certain areas they’re working on in terms of optimizing the game.
Specifically pertaining to the camera – and auto-lock on during combat. Aggro ranges for certain boss fights. Mobile controls, custom keybinds, controller support.

They’ve implemented weekly purchase limites for certain items in the store, addressed audio and sound effect bugs, identifying and repairing issues concerning crashes and instability.

1.1, and future updates are going to include additional optimizations and bug resolutions, and will be detailed accordingly.

in summary

1.1 will include increased rewards from Tacet Fields, and reduced costs for leveling Echoes, a Waveplate storage system, the new Resonators Jinhsi and Changli.
Pre-1.1 will include a double-yield event targeting Tacet Field rewards, 20 Crystal Solvents, 1,000,000 Shell Credits.
The new Wuthering Exploration event, Alloy Smelt event – both ending before the release of 1.1, the release of Yinlin’s banner, and companion story.
5 Forging Tides as compensation for the weapon mistranslation. 10 Radiant Tide as compensation for the inconvenience caused by the change in 1.1’s release time.