Are you looking for an alternative to Honkai: Star Rail? Because Etheria: Restart is a turn-based RPG with a Zenless Zone Zero aesthetic. Kinda melding the two games together. It is being both developed and published by XD.
They’re the studio that published the Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakers Gacha game that released recently, currently sitting at Mostly Positive reviews.

Etheria is currently open for pre-registration according to their official website, with 2 trailers currently available.
They have a few screenshots to give a brief idea of what there is to look forward to, along with pre-registration.

According to their Youtube page, “Etheria: Restart is a turn-based Action-RPG game set in a neo-contemporary virtual city developed by XD Entertainment Pte. Ltd.. While encompassing Etheria, the virtual city, you, a Hyper-Linker, will fight side by side with Animus against virus invasions and explore hidden stories.”
So a Zenless Zone Zero Honkai Star Rail.

There’s a lot of lore to dissect over on Steam, but absolutely nothing pertaining to what the game is. From what we can tell, it doesn’t seem to be entirely open-world. Combat is turn-based. There are plenty of characters to recruit, both Husbando’s and Waifu’s. The Waifu’s look pretty hot, as we saw in the trailers.
The game definitely doesn’t feel of the same quality as Wuthering Waves or Honkai Star Rail, but they also don’t have the same funding as either of the aforementioned studios. And technically this is XD’s first game of this scale.
There are test phases confirmed, with a Global release also confirmed for 2024. It’s unknown when in 2024, but hey, 2024 is better than 2025.

Overall, I think Etheria could be a fun game. It honestly looks pretty sick and I’ll definitely try it out. Is it gonna explode and redefine the genre? Hardly. But it might be something fun to play inbetween games.