Some of you might remember Alchemy Stars. Maybe you’ve played it. Maybe you’ve heard its name whispered in the shadows. It honestly doesn’t make a whole lot – $300k Globally. Almost as much as Tower of Fantasy.
It was an instanced, tactical, grid-based RPG with turn-based combat. Honestly, it was a lotta fun and I did a video on it a while ago.
As has become the norm, Tourdog – or some of the Tourdog staff – it’s unconfirmed exactly how much of the original studio is involved with this as the Art Director noted he has a new studio in charge of the development of this game after Tourdog was absorbed into Tencent – have confirmed they are actively developing what seems to be a semi- or fully open-world Gacha game.
And while, at present, it is in the early stages of development, they’ve released a teaser trailer to showcase what they’ve accomplished.
Some early concept art was also revealed, and we’re going to take a look at all of it.

I want to point out last year a thread was made over on Reddit that confirmed while the Alchemy Stars studio would be merged into Tencent, an “Alchemy Stars 2” might be in active development. Which leads me to believe that is exactly what this is.
Also worth noting: This is VERY early development footage. 

Unfortunately, at present, we don’t have a release date confirmed. We don’t have a Beta test – or even an Alpha test confirmed. We don’t even have a NAME for the game yet. It’s currently just being referred to as “Alchemy Stars 2.”
Which, for now, will work I guess. It carries name recognition.
We know it’s going to be either semi – or fully open-world. We’ll be able to freely explore large open areas. We’ll be able to engage in action combat. A lot of changes are likely to be made between now and release, but I’m excited. This looks pretty sick already, and I can’t wait to play it.