Returning Dragon Tides, (also known as Gui Long Tide in Chinese) is a brand new unique upcoming third person action Gacha game that utilizes an interesting type of horizontal progression and exploration, allowing players to freely explora large cities and areas from a perspective very few Gacha games seem to employ.

It features a 3D-cel shaded Anime aesthetic, full action combat, a segregated world with large areas to explore, where players take on the role of a movie director, recruit Husbando’s and Waifu’s as part of your film crew, and progress through from what I’ve seen is a fairly decent narrative.

Currently, Returning Dragon Tides (formerly known as Project Hitomi) has a Chinese release planned, with a Closed Beta already out of the way. We can expect the release at some point in 2024, with a Global release perhaps planned after it releases in China.


English: Long Chao Pavilion Studio

Chinese: 龙潮阁工作室


Upcoming – Chinese release confirmed, Global release unconfirmed.


Returning Dragon Tides is a 3D action-adventure game developed and launched by Longchao Pavilion Studio. Its story takes place in the “Kowloon District”, a new city where traditional and modern styles merge and collide. As its name suggests, this city is composed of nine major blocks, and the streets and alleys gather a retro, trendy and bizarre atmosphere. Of course, there are also treacherous undercurrents surging in the corners where the street lights don’t shine. You will play the role of a “movie director”, form a “crew”, travel through nine neighborhoods with different styles, order and chaos, collect clues under the guise of “filming”, and gradually discover the hidden secrets in this city: the truth.

Returning Dragon Tides Shows Off New Closed Beta Footage!

Returning Dragon Tides, (also known as Gui Long Tide / Gui Long Chao in Chinese) is an upcoming horizontal side-scrolling Anime RPG currently in development. As of the 9th of April, the developers confirmed that the game would be entering into their 3rd round of...