Nornium is perhaps one of the most degenerate upcoming Gacha games I’ve ever seen. 

Nornium is a scifi Gacha game. You utilize what are considered “Droids,” and engage enemies in aerial combat.

While the combat takes place completely in the air, it also seems to utilize an action combat system. You can freely aim, and miss enemies with abilities.

Nornium is confirmed to be releasing fully cross-platform on to both PC and mobile devices.

The world is supposedly going to provide players with a “cosmic sandbox exploration + urban bridge exploration.”


Corridor of Flame


Corridor of Flame


Upcoming – Global Confirmed – Release should be in 2024-2025


How much is human destiny worth? How much are the stars in the sky worth?
Human beings do not answer such questions. After the monkey gained wisdom, it became very busy, busy doing experiments on mice.
——It wasn’t until the price was marked that the civilization of Homo sapiens opened its eyes in panic.
And now… it is already ten years since the first “Bird Star Transfer Agreement” was signed.

Nornium Pre-Registration

Nornium is a degenerate scifi action Gacha game that offers players some of the most explicit Waifu's you'll encounter in the Gacha genre. Nornium takes place in space, where players take control of "Droids," and engage aliens? Space creatures? in action combat,...

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