9 months ago, Chinese developer Parcae’s Fate Studio released a trailer for what they described as an “open-world Anime RPG” called Unending Dawn. I covered this – I thought it looked fantastic. From the Signora battle we witnessed, to the dark setting, fast combat.

Don’t get me wrong – this game definitely looked early in its development. Character movement evidently needed work, animations were a little stiff – like many of us felt after seeing Signora in the trailer – the world felt a little lifeless. Nevertheless, we were excited.

It looked and felt like a Souls-like game adapted into a Gacha – meaning a focus on combat. Unforgiving combat. Yet much like Project Mugen, after dropping such an enticing trailer, they went completely silent. Until just a couple days ago.
On April 18th, a new trailer titled “The Flame of Faith, Everlasting” was released, showcasing numerous changes – additional characters, improved combat, significantly overhauled animations, more boss fights, a UI, including a confirmation that it will also be releasing on to the PS5, further increasing the game’s potential reach and success.

Evidently, a lot has changed over the course of the year since their first announcement.
The game looks crisper than ever. The character models have improved significantly. We’ve seen a larger cast of characters – including full character swapping mid-battle. We saw abilities, rather than just what seemed to be mashing of the left mouse button. They’ve fully integrated counters, parries and dodges into combat.
The boss fight we saw towards the 2nd half looked absolutely insane for a Gacha game that is going to be launching cross-platform onto mobile as well. We got to see a glimpse into the story. Additional locations.
This trailer showed us so much more than we were expecting, and has skyrocketed people’s anticipation exponentially.
Unending Dawn is confirmed to be a fully open-world game with fast-paced action combat. It will be releasing on to PC, Android, iOS and PS5. Unfortunately we still don’t have a release date at present, nor do we have a Closed Beta test date.

I’m very excited for Unending Dawn, and can’t wait to see what Parcae’s Fate Studio does with their world.