On September 23, the studio behind the upcoming Reverse: 1999 Gacha game revealed their official Global release date: October 26th. As part of a commemorative event, the official Twitter page is giving away a Nixie Tube Clock, 20 x $100 Amazon Gift Cards, and 10 x $50 Amazon Gift Cards for participants.

Along with the release date reveal, a trailer was released, and pre-registration was opened. The trailer was absolutely incredible, and very stylish, as we’ve come to expect – however pre-registration numbers are low. Under 500,000 as of writing this. Pre-registration rewards include premium in-game currency, money and items, including a 5* character for meeting their largest goal.

 If you’re interested in pre-registering, you can use the button below. 

Reverse: 1999 is a beautiful turn-based RPG set throughout time, featuring a large, stunning, diverse selection of characters, gorgeous special effects, a narrative unlike any other, and some of the best voice acting in the Gacha genre. By far one Gacha game you cannot miss out on the opportunity to try.