Welcome to the first edition of your Monthly Gacha Recap, a video series where, towards the end of every month, I’m going to recap, and break down Gacha related events into multiple categories: Gacha games that announced an end of service will be first. Followed by test phases. Then pre-registrations. New game trailers. Reveals. And finally, releases.

You might recognize a few games I’ve discussed earlier in the month as part of my weekly Gacha recap series, but this way, you guys won’t miss ANYTHING pertaining to every upcoming Gacha game. And games that shut down as well.

Gacha Games Ending Service

Beginning April’s recap with Gacha games announcing ends of service, is Tale of Food, which is ending service within China on June 18th.
Grimlight confirmed they would be ending their service, however they would be transitioning to an offline version of the game with no future updates in the 3rd quarter of 2024.
Takt op. Symphony has officially shut down as of April 9th, 2024, not even a year after releasing.
Phantom of the Kill announced an end of service, with the game officially shutting down on May 27th, 2024. That’s next month.
DanMachi: Memoria Freese announced they would be ending their service on June 24th, 2024. They confirmed an offline version is in the works, but only if they can raise enough money to do so.

Gacha Game Test Phases

Next, test phases, beginning with Infinity Nikki, which will be holding an offline play test in Los Angeles.
Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link entered into Closed Beta testing on April 25th, which will last through May 2nd, 2024. Honestly I don’t know if we need a Kingdom Hearts Gacha game.
Tensura New World has officially started Closed Beta testing as of April 23rd, 2024.
Gui Long Chao entered Closed Beta testing on April 9th, 2024. This is their 3rd Beta test to date, with them having made quite a bit of progress between test phases.
Child of the Hidden God officially started Closed Beta testing on April 23rd, 2024, this is a 2D RPG from the Soul Tide developers.
Etheria Restart Special began Closed Beta testing on April 24th, 2024, and released a trailer showcasing what players can look forward to.

Gacha Game Pre-registrations

Next, we’re moving on to pre-registrations, beginning with Assault Lily Last Bullet W, which has opened pre-registration for the Global release of the game.
Dragon Raja: Gate of Cassell – yes, Dragon Raja, as in the Dragon Raja mobile MMO, has opened pre-registration for their newest game, Gate of Cassell in China.
Blue Exorcist Alterna Welt has opened pre-registration in Japan.
Heroes of Crown: Legends is opening pre-registration for the Global release of the game, and simultaneously released a trailer to get players excited.

Gacha Game trailers

Next we’re talking trailers, beginning with.. well, Heroes of Crown: Legends, but then Unending Dawn, an upcoming fast paced action RPG that looks and feels a lot like a Souls game. People are calling it the Elden Impact. And it genuinely does look really freakin’ good. A 7 minute gameplay trailer was released.
Fellow Moon released a brand new teaser trailer. Fellow Moon is a game similar to Honkai Star Rail in terms of combat, but also features a style of horizontal side-scroller gameplay.

Gacha Game announcements

Next, we’re talking new game announcements, beginning with Chaos Zero Nightmare. This is a turn-based roguelike being created by the same people behind Epic 7 which looks incredibly good – at least in terms of character models.
Magia Exedra, a Gacha game set within the Madoka Magica universe was confirmed to be releasing at some point in 2024. Currently only Japan is confirmed, but the Anime was relatively popular Globally so it’s likely we’ll be able to play at some point as well.

Gacha Game releases

And finally, let’s talk releases, beginning with Solo Leveling Arise, which has confirmed it will be releasing on May 8th, 2024, Globally. Meaning in 2 weeks you’ll be able to log into the game and play it all around the world.
Annihilation: Borderline has officially released in China as of the 24th of April, 2024.
And Tokyo Debunker has released as of last week, utterly disappointing every single player that played it. I’ll delve deeper into this in a future video.