Millennium Tour, or Millennium Tour Elf (its full name) is a turn-based RPG developed by Yingche Games and published by Bilibili Games. The game is currently targeting a Global release at some point in 2024, however we have yet to receive an official release date.

Millennium Tour features a diverse selection of 3D Waifu’s, all with their own distinct personalities, combat styles and affinities. The game looks great graphically, and features fully 3D character models (as opposed to chibi,) with lots of mini-games (such as farming, racing) to compliment the story and arduous nature of grinding.

Pre-registration is currently open for both Android and iOS (at present this is only available in China,) with no PC release confirmed. If you’re interested in one of 2024’s hottest turn-based releases, you can go ahead and pre-register using the button below.