Players over on Reddit confirmed a few days ago that Tencent-owned WeGame added the upcoming Wuthering Waves action Gacha RPG to their platform, sparking many people to believe that Tencent might have a larger stake in Kuro Games (the developer of Wuthering Waves) than we thought.

WeGame is an upgraded version of Tencent’s gaming platform, hosting video games, content and services from all over the world, providing purchases, downloads, and live gaming information – in many ways functioning like a Chinese version of Steam, having – at the time of writing – almost double the active userbase of Steam (WeGame at 200 million active users vs Steam’s 125 million active users.)

From what I’ve been able to gather, it doesn’t seem like this listing (on WeGame) is anything more than a strategic move to reach as large an audience as possible, and will likely have absolutely no effect on the Global release of Wuthering Waves in any capacity. It’s akin to having a game release on the Epic Games Store after releasing on to Steam.