Grimlight, the fairy-tale themed Gacha game has confirmed via their official Discord server that they are not only ceasing all future development for the game, but that they’re also transitioning over to an offline version. The official statement reads:

Hello Dreamers,

We’re reaching out with an important update on Grimlight’s journey. We believe that transparency is key, and after some hard discussions with our team, we wanted to share our current situation.

Despite our passion and the exciting features we’ve been working on, financial realities have led us to a difficult decision. Continuing our service of Grimlight is no longer viable and efforts to reverse this trend since the middle of last year have not been successful. Over the last few months we have tried to seek alternatives solutions to turn this around but things have not yielded the success we had hoped.

Yet, we believe in a farewell that honors our shared adventures. As gamers ourselves, we want to make things right and convert the game into a standalone offline build. We know how frustrating it is when a game you have committed time and money to is shut down and you lose everything which is not something we want to do.

Going forward, our goal is to complete the final story for the game and convert it to a standalone build so that Dreamers can keep their progress and continue their adventures within the world of Phantasia. Unfortunately, during this process, social systems such as friend and PvP features will be disabled to ensure sustainability without ongoing server costs when this process is finalized.

The transition will require significant time for restructuring on our backend and we anticipate it to be finalized later this year (likely in Q3 of this year). We will keep you updated once the final date is more clear based on our progress with this transition..

We ask for your patience and understanding during this period as our team will be working on this process while fulfilling our other obligations to maintain operations. All purchases will directly support our devs, artists and server costs as we make this transition. Thank you for your time in the world of Phantasia. Your support has meant the world to us.

Thank you. White Rabbit

It’s always sad to see Gacha games shut down, but Grimlight has been on life support since the day it launched. Unfortunately, Grimlight released to very bad reviews, server downtime, maintenances. Any and all faith, trust and hope for the game and its team immediately evaporated into thin air, and it never truly recovered. At least players can take solace in the knowledge they’ll still have an offline version to access.