Wang Yue (Watching the Moon) is an upcoming open-world action RPG first revealed to the world on October 30th, 2023. It is set in an imaginary Chinese styled world, where players are often found “looking at the moon,” as they battle through numerous encounters in an attempt to defeat the “Nine World Suns.” Wang Yue is confirmed to be releasing fully cross-platform on both PC and Mobile (Android/iOS,) with console platform functionality coming in the future.

Since announcing their trailer, they’re received a lot of feedback, including but not specifically pertaining to the UI and graphics. It was confirmed they would be working to resolve and improve various aspects of the game moving into the future. There will be both male and female characters – no gender exclusivity. The world is fully open, allowing players to explore at their own pace. The world is also populated by AI-generated NPCs allowing every single person playing to have a different experience.

PvP is confirmed to be removed from the game. There will be no functional PvP system, however, they will allow for social online gameplay with other players. There are functional vehicles present, allowing players to not only drive, but build their mounts from scratch. Testing is planned, but is unavailable at present. They did confirm it will be happening soon after the reveal.


English: Guangzhou Shiyue Network Technology Co., Ltd

Chinese: 广州诗悦网络科技有限公司


Upcoming – Chinese release confirmed, Global release confirmed, Closed Beta incoming.


“Wang Yue” is an action game set in an imaginary modern Chinese style world . In the game, Players adventure in the vast world in order to find the meaning of “Looking at the Moon” that appears many times in their memory, and gradually unravel the connection between the moon, the world, and the nine suns hanging in the sky, referencing the Chinese culture of “Houyi shooting the sun” Allusions, new adaptations based on modern elements, using a completely imaginary world as the carrier of the story.

In addition, Mochizuki is also an interpretation of the story content of the game . In the game world, Qingwu, played by the player, will face nine “World Suns” that rise in place of Mochizuki in some way. Each of these suns distorts the world. Rules have given rise to various disasters. At this time, the name of Wangyue has a second meaning, which represents the world in the story and people’s desire for the return of the moon and the return of everything to harmony.

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