Tokyo Debunker, the Otome RPG from ZigZaGame Inc. finally has a confirmed release date, revealed across social media on March 21st, 2024, at 8PM EST.

The posts simply read “The Ghouls of Frostheim Release Date: April 18th.”

Looking at some of the responses, it seems as though after the changes made to the game players have either lost interest, or are upset the game is no longer what they once promised. Tokyo Debunker takes place at Darkwick Academy, where your classmates have sold their souls to demons in exchange for a wish. It’s up to you to explore Tokyo and solve cases in a fully Live 2D world, building facilitles, recruiting cat familiars, battling various monsters with your ghoul classmates, engaging in rhythm games and grouping up with other players in a number of different co-op modes.