We have a very interesting month this month! So many games have shifted placements, there are 2 games that earned over $100 million dollars, and 15 games that made over $10 million dollars – the largest number of Gacha games to have amassed as much in the year I’ve been doing monthly financial reports.

Hey, my name is Stix and welcome back to your monthly recap of how your favorite Gacha games are doing on a month by month basis. These stats are purely Mobile – and do not include PC stats.

Gacha games are always fluctuating. Whether a game is doing good or bad is entirely dependent on what banner is currently available, what content was recently released, and what the competition is doing.

With this in mind, I’ve taken on the responsibility to report on the monthly earnings for every major Gacha game. So you know where your favorite game stands in the sea of Gacha – including total downloads.

#1 genshin impact

That small indie Tower of Fantasy clone Genshin Impact has somehow – against all odds – dethroned Honkai Star Rail, taking the place as the #1 Gacha game right now in terms of both downloads and revenue. Globally, $37 million dollars was earned, with 1.6 million downloads. China saw $82.5 million dollars earned with 1.1 million downloads.

#2 honkai star rail

The world’s favorite Gacha game, Honkai Star Rail, saw a drop to #2 this month with $43 million dollars earned and 1.4 million downloads Globally, and $66 million dollars earned and 550,000 new downloads within China.

#3 love and deepspace

#3 showed us that people really love Husbando games, with Love and Deepspace once again coming in the top 5. Japan + Global saw $4.3 million dollars earned and 200,000 downloads, while China saw $33 million dollars earned and 550,000 downloads.

#4 naruto mobile

Naruto Mobile once again came in at #4, with $30.3 million dollars earned and 825,000 new downloads. It’s worth noting that this is within China exclusively, as this game doesn’t seem to be released Globally.

And that’s it for Gacha games that earned above $30 million dollars. Which is.. pretty good. 4 Gacha games made over $30 million dollars. All 4 of these games made over $30 million in China alone, as well, which is quite something.

#5 fate/grand order

Fate/Grand Order takes the #5 spot with $24 million dollars and 193,000 downloads. This is also surprisingly evenly split between regions.


NIKKE saw a nice boost, and will likely see an even larger boost next month when we see the final results of Crown’s banner and the Gacha skins as part of their 1.5 Anniversary event, coming in at #6, earning $20 million dollars and 300,000 new downloads Globally.

#7 monster strike

Monster Strike comes in at #7 with $20 million dollars earned and 100,000 new downloads. These are Japanese numbers exclusively.

That marks every Gacha game that has accumulated over $20 million dollars in the last month. Yes, there were 7 total games that made above $20 million dollars. Which is honestly not bad at all.
This by no means means other Gacha are doing poorly. On the contrary, many Gacha games are still managing to accumulate millions of dollars – and are critical successes.

#8 AFK Journey

AFK Journey pull in some absolutely crazy numbers – coming in at #8 with $19 million dollars and 3 million downloads Globally. And I don’t foresee the revenue dipping too much over the next month as everyone playing it has said nothing but good things.

#9 puzzle & dragons

Puzzle & Dragons comes in at #9 with $17.6 million dollars and 75,000 downloads. Evidently the game is much more popular in Japan than it is Globally with $17 million dollars of the revenue being from Japan alone.

#10 Dragon ball z dokkan battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle continues to show how strong of an IP DBZ is, coming in at #10 with $14 million dollars earned and 900,000 downloads between Global and Japan.

#11 raid: shadow legends

RAID: Shadow Legends managed to take the #11 spot with $14 million dollars and 400,000 downloads.

#12 Arknights

Arknights managed the #12 spot with $11.4 million dollars and 244,000 downloads, split between Japan, China and Global. Crazy numbers given this is a tower defense game.

#13 Persona 5 The Phantom X

Persona 5 The Phantom X takes the #13 spot – launching just a couple weeks ago and amassing $11 million dollars and 5.5 million dollars in China, along with $1.1 million dollars and 400,000 downloads in Korea. Global is going to bring in millions as well no doubt.

#14 summoners war

Summoners War takes the #14 spot, earning $11 million dollars and 160,000 downloads Globally.

#15 ensemble stars

Ensemble Stars managed to secure the #15 spot with $11 million dollars and 73,000 downloads, combined between China, Japan and Global.

This is every Gacha game that managed to earn above $10 million dollars. Yes, there were 8 games that made between $10 million and $20 million. That’s a solid number of games. The following, however, all managed above $1 million – which is a sign they’re still profitable, successful, and popular to varying degrees.

#16 Project sekai

Project Sekai came in at #16 with $8.8 million dollars and 440,000 downloads – mostly earned from Japan.

#17 blue archive

Blue Archive nabbed the #17 position, with $8.3 million dollars and 400,000 downloads. This is on the lower spectrum for them – but big numbers are coming soon, as they always do.

#18 light and night

Light and Night, a Chinese exclusive, took the #18 spot with $8.2 million dollars and 220,000 downloads. I believe this is a husbando game.

#19 astra: nights of veda

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a newcomer this month – taking the #19 spot, earning $7 million dollars and 900,000 downloads. I don’t see this game doing very well over the next few months though due to the drama they’ve been embroiled in.


Uma Musume fell outta the top 5 this month with an enormous drop to #20 earning only $7 million dollars and 30,000 downloads – this is the lowest this game has ever been.

Some notable mentions – Reverse 1999 made over $6 million dollars, Snowbreak raised from $800k to $2.2 million dollars after their degenerate overhaul, Aether Gazer raised from $800k to over $2 million dollars, Tower of Fantasy hit an all-time low of $300k Globally. Yes, that’s $300k. On mobile anyway.

And that’s it for the top 20 highest grossing, most downloaded Gacha games. But we’re gonna do things a little different moving on, we’re also going to cover the 5 worst performing Gacha games – these are Gacha games that could shut down any day now, and should 100% be avoided.

#1 Higan Eruthyll

Coming in at #1 as the lowest grossing Gacha game right now: Higan Eruthyll with 10k downloads and $10,000 dollars earned. Yeah. Oof.

#2 Archeland

Archeland also made a mere $10,000 dollars with 10,000 downloads within Korea, tieing Higan Eruthyll for the #2 spot. Things aren’t looking good for either game.

#3 Artery Gear fusion

Artery Gear Fusion comes in at #3 with $30,000 dollars and 10,000 downloads.


Alchemy Stars nabbed the #4 spot with $40,000 dollars and 10,000 downloads.


And finally, at #5, we have Danmachi Battle Chronicle, earning $50,000 dollars and 10,000 downloads.

And that makes up the top 20 and bottom 5 Gacha games in terms of downloads and earnings for the last month. I’m sure some of you are as surprised as I am with a few of the games listed here today.
Honkai Star Rail and Genshin both made over $100 million dollars on Mobile alone – absolutely crazy numbers. NIKKE moved back up, while Uma Musume dropped down to a new low. Tower of Fantasy also hit a new low with $300k in revenue on mobile.
Some of the largest, most popular Gacha games of last month are no longer even in the top 20 this month, the 5 lowest grossing Gacha games made under $50k.
It’s been a fascinating month, honestly, and I can’t wait for next month to see how the games continue to shift.