May 2024 was an interesting month. We had 2 enormous Gacha releases: Wuthering Waves, and Solo Leveling Arise, both of which have gone on to make absolutely crazy amounts of money.
And.. June doesn’t look like it’ll be remotely as packed. But that’s fine. We’re all playing Wuthering Waves right now, waiting for Zenless to drop anyway.

Hey, my name is Stix and welcome back to another episode of “Gacha’s releasing next month,” a series I do every single month where I take the time to make you aware of everything releasing in the coming 30 days, in an effort to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Ride Kamens

Ride Kamens is a mobile-exclusive Japanese Gacha game developed by Liber Entertainment – and published by Bandai Namco. The game is confirmed to be releasing on May 30th – which I know is 2 days before June but hey, I didn’t include this in last month’s video because it wasn’t confirmed to be releasing until recently
The story is set in Nijigao City, where nature and civilization are in complete harmony. However in this city lies a secret and evil society known as the Chaosism, where they operate behind-the-scenes.
One day, the protagonist learns of the existence of a certain Kamen Rider who lost his true memories due to his human body modifications from Chaosism.
The main character (you), who has inherited the role of agent from your late father by supporting the Kamen Riders, must change the predetermined destinies of 16 Kamen Riders, all of different ages, occupations, beliefs, and self-individuality, and fight to restore their memories.
Little is known about the game – still – but with a release in just a few days, there’s not long to wait.

Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War

We’re just gonna call this “Northern War,” because “Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War” is gonna be a mouthful to repeat.
Northern War features a unique story, popular voice actors bringing the game to life, a type of world exploration in the form of “free exploration gameplay,” dungeons to raid and plunder.
There are numerous different game modes to enjoy. It utilizes what they list as “thrilling strategic combat and satisfying animations,” turn-based combat, and honestly doesn’t look bad for a Gacha game.
Northern War launches fully cross-platform on both Mobile and PC Globally on the 29th of May, and includes 100 free draws as a release bonus.


Nornium – also referred to as “Hornium,” due to the amount of degeneracy this game exudes is – and yes, that is exactly what you think it is. “Step-brother, I’m stuck and I need help, ughgh, please be gentle, it hurtsss”
The Nornium devs made a post over on Steam opening Closed Beta recruitment, meaning you can apply right now if you’re interested. The Beta test was confirmed to begin towards the end of May, and last a week – into June.
The test phase is being called a “foreplay test” … yes I’m not kidding. I wish I were, honestly. This should give you an idea of.. well, what to expect.

Assault Lily Last Bullet W

Assault Lily Last Bullet W is a cute 2D turn-based RPG. It’s actually fully released, releasing just a couple days ago but up until this month it wasn’t confirmed when the game would be releasing.
It was a full Global release, and based off of what I’ve seen so far.. it looks as though it’s actually fairly similar to SINoALICE. Which was also shut down recently, sadly.
So I mean if you’re looking for a SINoALICE replacement, but with a lot of Yuri as in, lady loving.. then this might be the new Gacha you’re looking for.


Starwill is what seems to be a very “Heaven Burns Red” style of Gacha game that nobody has covered yet. This is the first mention of the game in the West – and honestly I should do a dedicated video on it in the next few days.
That way more people are aware of its existence.. but so far, it seems to feature a horizontal, side-scrolling style of gameplay. It looks as though it has turn-based combat. Although maybe not? I’ll have to do some research ahead of my video, I guess.
The Beta test begins on June 7th, and lasts through June 9th. You can join the Beta test by applying until May 30th – tomorrow! If you’re looking to participate, this is your chance!

Uta no Prince-sama: LIVE EMOTION

Uta no Prince-sama: LIVE EMOTION is a Gacha game set within the realm of the Uta no Prince-sama Anime series. Pre-registrations for the game are currently open, with the game launching on June 12th within Japan.
It’s unconfirmed when we’ll receive the game Globally – or if we even want the game Globally, but it seems like this’ll feature “visual novel-style” story segments, opportunities to chat with your favorite idols, and some kinda garden game mode.
The article was posted on to Crunchyroll, which makes me think if it gets published Globally, it’ll be through Crunchyroll which is gonna be an immediate NOPE for me.