June has been a crazy month, and July looks to be even crazier. Brown Dust 2 launched last week – I have a dedicated video on that. Admittedly it turned out to be one of the highest quality Gacha game releases in recent memory.
However the monetization is absolutely horrid, to the dismay of many players. The Harry Potter Magic Awakened and Takt op. Symphony Gacha games both just released – in the last 24 hours. Magic Awakened actually had almost 10 million pre-registered players, so this is a pretty big release.
And then there are a multitude of Beta tests ongoing, one of which I plan on covering in this video, along with full releases of games we’ve been anticipating for years.

King Arthur: Legends Rise

Let’s start this off with King Arthur: Legends Rise – the reason being the game entered Open Beta testing on June 29th.
Legends Rise is a mdeieval fantasy Gacha game buiilt using Unreal Engine 5, allowing for complete cross-platform play between PC, Android and iOS devices.
According to the studio, players will be able to experience the dark, reimagined Arthurian story as a turn-based PvPvE RPG, with players taking control of a younger Arthur that has entered a dark pact with the dragon trapped within Excalibur to gain the power he needs to save Camelot.
Players will recruit legendary warriors to aid him in his journey to save his homeland, and feature a campaign inspired by the quests of a young King Arthur, with a host of mythical monsters to combat in raids, dungeons and.. the norm.
While the Open Beta is currently going, and therefore open and available for players to participate in, the full game is confirmed to be releasing Globally later this year, in 2023.

Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat

Did you know that there was a Devil May Cry game in development for Android and iOS? Yeah, there is an actual, fully functional Devil May Cry Gacha game in development featuring some of our favorite characters from the franchise: Nero, Vergil, and none other than the MVP himself, Dante: Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat.
As this is a Gacha game, however, you won’t be restricted to the protagonists of previous incarnations exclusively. Rather, you’ll be able to recruit and play as side characters like Lady as well, likely accompanied with all of their bountiful personality traits.
From what I could find online, Peak of Combat is more or less Punishing Gray Raven, but with a Devil May Cry skin applied over top. And this isn’t some cheap DMC spinoff, this is a full, official mainstream title in the franchise, meaning actual time, resources and effort went into developing this.
Hopefully that means we receive a solid title, and not a cheap cash grab. Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat enters Global Open Beta on July 6th, allowing anyone and everyone to log in and play.


I’m an avid fan and supporter of Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Mrs Stix and I got to participate in the last Beta test and had an overwhelming amount of fun. Snowbreak is the first Gacha game of its kind that’s I’ve played — a third-person action RPG shooter.
Which isn’t an original concept by any stretch of the imagination, but in terms of cross-platform Gacha games? Yeah there really aren’t many — or any — like it.
Snowbreak recently hit 2 million pre-registered players, which is quite an achievement for any Gacha game, and is celebrating that achievement with a giveaway.
The game launches fully on July 20th — so a mere 3 weeks away, with pre-registration currently open and available. I’d urge you to pre-register if you haven’t already because Snowbreak has been a lotta fun for me, and you’re not likely to wanna miss out on the opportunity to maximize your chances at obtaining Waifu’s at launch.
I’ve been waiting years for this game, and I can’t believe after a multitude of Beta tests were going to be able to finally play it.

Kemono Friends

This one was a little hard for me to believe, as the studio claims there are 400 total characters to recruit. Yes you heard that correctly — 400. Every single character is supposedly an animal girl — with the official marketing saying.. and I’m not making this up.. to join.. the furry frenzy.
I’m.. I’m so sorry you had to cringe through that. Kemono Friends: Kingdom is set in Kemon Park, an enormous zoo filled with animal.. girls. Not animals. Animal girls.
And you.. yeah goddamn this shit is getting really weird. Are we gonna flirt with the animals? Are the animals all Waifu’s? Dude that’s wrong on so many levels. From what I can tell the game actually has some pretty solid character models. The Waifu’s themselves all look great.
The combat features a turn-based system, with a degree of strategy, requiring tactics to overcome the encounters. Or at least that’s what they’re alluding to. In reality auto-play will mostly make strategy irrelevant.
Pre-registration is currently open for the game, with a slew of goodies promised upon launch. The launch in question taking place on July 13th.
So if you’ve ever found yourself at the local zoo.. looking at the lions, the elephants.. and feeling this animalistic urge to.. ravage the inhabitants, maybe this game is for you. I’m gonna be playing it. It might weird me out a little bit but I’m gonna be there.