November was one of the best months of 2023 for new Gacha releases. We saw Reverse 1999 finally release, got to laugh at the horrendous gameplay of Tokyo Ghoul Break the Chains first-hand. And a few other Gacha games released, that were mostly overlooked.

Thankfully, December looks much better than November – and October combined. And beyond December, 2024 is shaping up to be quite the incredible year for the Gacha genre.

Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King

Black Clover M is possibly one of the most anticipated Gacha adaptations of an Anime I’ve seen. According to their website, there are already over 5 million players pre-registered, garnering more hype than even Tower of Fantasy or NIKKE had during their announcement period.
Unlike the Anime, Black Clover M is going to feature completely original stories that separate it, and its characters from its source material.
You’ll be able to summon your favorite characters from the series, while wielding powerful magic in your journey to become the Wizard King. Combat is confirmed to be turn-based, and the game is built using Unreal Engine 4.
There’ll be a lot to do – dungeons, life skills like cooking, fishing. You can even explore the Magic Kingdom. They brought back the Anime dub cast as well, both the English and Japanese voice actors, which is actually kinda cool.
Black Clover M officially launches on November 30th. I know, it’s not a December game, but it’s close enough.


I’m only going to talk about this game briefly, because it has been announced, canceled, re-announced, released, and shut down more times than a Gacha realistically should ever be.
PTOLOMEA is a turn-based game set in the future. And evidently prior attempts at garnering a playerbase showed us all that the game actually kinda sucks. So I’m unsure why it’s even re-releasing, other than money.
It also releases on November 30th, but honestly, who’ll bother with this when you can play Black Clover M?

Crystal of Atlan

Next up we have Crystal of Atlan. Upon first glance, you might think this looks an awful lot like Tower of Fantasy. And it really does.
I watched gameplay and trailers for characters and world and all I could think was “holy crap this looks like Tower of Fantasy with a less aesthetically appealing world but better looking Waifu’s.”
Much like Tower of Fantasy, Crystal of Atlan is going to be a Gacha MMORPG, featuring dozens, maybe hundreds of players occuping the same space at the same time. Atlan features full action combat, allowing players to dodge and parry in real time, aim weapons and abilities.
There are dozens of classes to choose from, each with their own unique playstyle and purpose. Pre-registration is currently open, beginning earlier this week and lasting until December 12th.
The Global Closed Beta is confirmed to take place during the middle of December, likely a few days after the Closed Beta signups have closed. This is a game I’ve been watching for a while, and I hope to get to play it soon.


Echocalypse is one of the Gacha games I’ve been most eagerly anticipating other than Reverse 1999 this year. Reverse 1999 was due to its incredible story, voice acting, and premise. Echocalypse? The Waifu’s.
It’s one of the most extreme Gacha games I’ve seen, and I’ve played a lot of Azur Lane. This is a strategic turn-based RPG, with a Chapter and Mission-based progression system. It’s fairly simplistic and traditional, but that by no means is a hinderance to it.
It features phenomenal dubbing, with some of the best Japanese voice actors in the industry, that support the incredibly designed characters. I’m not entirely sure whether or not the Waifu’s will ultimately end up censored when it releases Globally, but one can only hope not as that’s its unique selling point.
Concerning its release date, I can’t specify when exactly it’ll be releasing as the devs haven’t publicly confirmed yet, but let’s just say I have been sponsored to push out a video before my birthday.

Trails Of Cold Steel Northern War

Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War is part of the larger Legend of Heroes JRPG series, a series I’ve admittedly never played. I know, don’t judge me too harshly!
Northern War is a mobile version of the franchise, that allows players to explore and traverse a number of different dungeons as they fight monsters to unlock passages that lead to new areas.
The studio developing Northern War confirmed that it will feature an entirely new story specific to the game, and will introduce new characters for the story. Whether you’ll come across characters from the Anime or other titles in the IP is unknown.
Thus far, Northern War has surpassed 500,000 pre-registgered players – with a release on December 6th. Do note this is a Japanese exclusive game at present, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing and enjoying it.

Bleach: Soul Resonance

Bleach: Soul Resonance was confirmed to be releasing in December, but recently suffered a major delay. I use the term “major” here as it could be a week – or a year.
The company in charge of publishing the game is shutting down from what I’ve read, and thus the studio is now required to find a new publisher to distribute it in Globally.
The reason I’m listing it is due to the fact that it could very well still release into Closed Beta this month, or release into Closed Beta in December 2024, only time will tell.