January 2024 was a pretty solid month for Gacha games. Players got their hands on the Global Arknights Endfield Beta test, Devil May Cry Peak of Combat released.. unfortunately, Love and Deep Space showed players that Husbando Gacha games can be really good, Nornium held a Beta test, Atelier Resleriana released – and was significantly better than I had anticipated it being.

And that’s really all that mattered. Or that I feel mattered.
February, on the other hand, looks to be VERY different. February looks like it’s going to be absolutely packed with quality releases and I cannot be more excited to have something new to play literally every single week.

Hey, my name is Stix and welcome back to another episode of “Gacha’s releasing next month,” a series I do every single month where I take the time to make you aware of everything releasing in the coming 30 days, in an effort to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2

Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 isn’t so much an entirely new game as it is a new.. version of the game. A version with enough alterations it could justify being referred to as a new game.
Not only are we moving on from our current main cast of characters, they’re significantly reworking the Gacha system, including Weapon rates, Valkyrie rates and costs, an overhaul to the graphical system, quality of life changes.
Part 2 will maintain the core of what made Honkai Impact popular: A deep, complex cast of characters, a rich narrative, a fast-paced quality action combat system. But you can tell they’ve learned a thing or two from their other games and are implementing them accordingly.
The rework goes live theoretically on February 1st in China, with a release Globally shortly after.

One Punch Man World

We all know who Saitama is. One Punch Man is one of the most popular Anime series around the globe. One Punch Man: World is the Gacha adaptation of the Anime, featuring stylized Anime graphics, touting a completely open-world for players to freely explore, and a fast action combat system.
You couldn’t play a One Punch Man game if it didn’t have action combat.. let’s be real here. One Punch Man: World is going to be releasing fully cross-platform, meaning you can play on both PC and mobile, which is probably why it has achieved over 10 million pre-registrations already.
For reference, this is almost 3 times the number of pre-registrations Tower of Fantasy had. It will feature characters from the Anime, and original characters made just for the game. With a story that is also both familiar, yet unique.
One Punch Man: World is available for pre-download on January 30th, with the game releasing Globally on February 1st. According to the Google Play Store. Their own website lists January 31st. So somewhere between that 24hr period.

Black Moon

Black Moon looks like a great game on paper, until you read a little closer and come to the realization it’s developed by PlayPark.
Despite their reputation, I’d still definitely be interested in giving the game a chance purely because it has hot Waifu’s and reminds me a lot of Closers Online, and is arguably what Closers RT: New Order should’ve been before they shut it down hours after launching.
Black Moon is a side-scrolling action RPG not based on any currently existing intellectual property. Meaning the entirety of the game is built from scratch and has 0 support other than current player interest.
Unlike One Punch Man: World, the new Black Clover M game, Zenless Zone Zero or Wuthering Waves. Little is known about the game currently, but it does list itself as releasing Globally in some form theoretically around February.

NU: Carnival Bliss

NU: Carnival Bliss is a Gacha game I didn’t expect, yet simultaneously am semi-intrigued by. I was told to definitely NOT stream this game because one of the first scenes could get my channel banned, which makes me all the more curious about it.
According to the Google Play Store, this is game rated a little more mature than your average Gacha game, and after looking at some images I see it’s the type of game that – much like in Girls Frontline – has destructable gear. So your characters show a little more of their chiseled abs the more they’re hurt?
NU: Carnival utilizes a turn-based combat system, fully animated characters, a complete Japanese dub – which they claim is a – in their words – “feast for the eyes and ears.” Hahahaha.. jesus.
Pre-download started a few days ago, and – oh, wait, according to the Play Store, it’s actually available right now! It launched a couple days ago! Cool! Go play it!

Ex Astris

Ex Astris isn’t a Gacha game. At least not in the traditional sense. Ex Astris is the very first premium game published by Hypergryph, the studio behind Arknights and Arknights Endfield.
The game has a $10 price tag, and will be available on Android and iOS exclusively. Which is a shame as I think this game truly could’ve benefited from a PC release. The world is going to be large, with a surplus of areas to explore.
It’s not open-world, but features a lot of unique environments. It utilizes a turn-based combat system, different to both Arknights and Endfield, with a graphical style that honestly looks like the cinematics they make for the Arknights content patches.
This is an absolutely beautiful game with gorgeous graphics, fantastic looking combat, and hopefully a narrative to match. It launches officially Globally, on February 27th.

AFK Journey

I played AFK Arena a while ago and found it to be kinda fun at times? Which is why I was surprised when AFK Journey was announced – a 3D world-based strategy card RPG. The developer reached out to me a couple days ago and asked me if I wanted to take a sponsored look at the game during its first major Closed Beta test – so I immediately said yes.
Which means I’ll have a dedicated video coming soon with footage, content and thoughts very few others will have. From what I can see, it has a very attractive aesthetic style, decent card-battle combat system – with both strategic, and real-time modes. And, as the name would imply, allows you to continue your journey while completely AFK.
The Beta test for AFK Journey begins on February 1st, and runs through February 7th. Meaning if you want to try the game out, you should have pre-registered! And if you did, you should receive your access within the next 24 hours!

The Scroll of Spirits

Have you ever wanted to begin a Gacha game with 1,000 free summons? Because that’s what The Scroll of Spirits claims you’ll receive. Scroll of Spirits is a hand-drawn Chinese ink-art styled Gacha game filled with magical and mythical creatures from Chinese mythology.
It features a strategic turn-based combat system, unique graphics, and.. admittedly is pretty obscure. I haven’t heard anyone talking about it or showcasing it in any form. Which is a little sad given I love seeing unique games like this.
Regardless, a Beta test is being held from January 26th through February 4th for those of you interested! Although you’ll need a VPN as it’s for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines only.

Code Seigetsu

Finally, Code Seigetsu, an action Gacha game very much in the vein of Punishing Gray Raven and Honkai Impact. Like, you can see the resemblance. The inspiration. Which is never bad – we need more high quality action titles. Little is known about the game at present other than it features a similar graphical style to the aforementioned games. Similar combat to them.
A chapter and mission based story system. And that it is holding a Beta test currently. Which you can obtain access to if you’re a part of their Discord. It is restricted to Taiwan though I believe.