We’re starting off the new year with an absolute bang: 8 new Gacha games are going to be releasing into a playable state – Beta testing and full release. These are games of all genres, with different combat styles, different graphical styles, different regions of origin.

Some are gonna be massive hits. Some are gonna be massive failures. And we’re gonna play all of them. Because why not? We can’t accurately gauge whether a game is good or bad without playing it. Plus, it gives us something to do.

Hey, my name is Stix and welcome back to another episode of “Gacha’s releasing next month,” a series I do every single month where I take the time to make you aware of everything releasing in the coming 30 days, in an effort to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Arknights Endfield

Let’s start this off with Arknights Endfield. This is arguably one of the most anticipated upcoming Gacha games of the last several years, comparable in popularity to Wuthering Waves due to the success of its predecessor, Arknights. Endfield is going to enter into a Technical Test phase on January 12th, 2024. As of December 27th, there is no confirmed end date for the test phase.
Endfield takes the franchise in the entire opposite direction from Arknights, with Arknights featuring an instanced, mission-based, strategy, tower-defense style of gameplay and Endfield featuring a completely open-world with a hybrid action combat system, similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, if you’ve ever played it for the Switch.
Unfortunately, it seems as though pre-registration for the Technical Test phase has concluded as of December 24th, but I did do a dedicated video informing you all of the pre-registration period – this is why you turn notifications on so you don’t miss out on opportunities like this.
This test phase will be Global, and will be available on PC.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

I did a dedicated video on Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat a couple months ago during its test phase. I called it an absolute abomination – an insult to the Devil May Cry franchise, and that’s because it is.
I played it for a week straight, invested over a dozen hours into it and that drove me almost to the point of deleting LDPlayer from my computer. This was an atrocious, horrendous, disgusting game with terrible gameplay, horrible graphics, and arguably some of the worst voice acting I’ve heard in a Gacha game released in the last several years.
But for those of you that like companies straddling your face, slowly positioning themselves atop your mouth, and taking a hot, steaming dump down your throat, you’ll be happy to know that Peak of Combat releases, fully, on January 10th, 2024.
I bet you guys can’t wait.

Love and Deepspace

Love and Deepspace is a highly anticipated scifi Otome game that has some surprisingly impressive 3D graphics. Otome games of course are dating sim’s targeted towards females. In Love and Deepspace, you create your own female character, and try to survive a barrage of romantic assaults from very attractive men.
Like, the types of men that make you feel quite immasculated. They’re hotter than your girlfriend, and more handsome than you. Admittedly, I know very little about the game but after seeing a trailer for it I couldn’t help but be a little.. intrigued.
I’m comfortable in my sexuality as a Waifu lover, and can happily admit I’d totally play a Gacha game where hot men try to win my affection.
Love and Deepspace launches fully on January 18th.

Wonderers: Eternal World

Wonderers: Eternal World is an interesting game due to its hybrid hub-based open-world. You can see other players running around, enjoying the world, but the world itself is kind of segregated between areas.
Players will either group together with several players, or go it alone as they enter dozens of dungeons and compete against one another in competitive mini-games. My wife Mrs Stix did a dedicated video on Wonderers earlier in 2023, and admittedly, while she had fun, it felt very repetitious and monotnous.
The game was cute, but it seemed to lack substance. Which was fine, it was a test phase after all. Wonderers: Eternal World is launching fully on Jaunary 8th, 2024. However, this won’t be a Global release.
Rather, the game will be launching in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia, with a Global release coming – hopefully shortly after. But that won’t stop those of us interested in the game from playing it.

Tokyo Revengers: Last Mission

I know what you’re thinking. “A Gacha game based on an Anime IP? Garbage.” And you wouldn’t be wrong. Tokyo Revengers: Last Mission is a Gacha game.. based on the Tokyo Revengers Anime.
The game currently haspre-registration open and available, and surprisingly, is confirmed to be releasing not only on to Android and iOS, but PS4, PS5, and PC. This game is releasing on every major platform.
Like every Gacha game adaptating a popular Anime series, Last Mission is going to allow players to relive the events of the main story, where they leap through time, recreate characters in 3D, and bring back voice actors from the series.
I don’t expect much for the game, but I believe it’s releasing at some point early February. Why I’m including it is because I want to make sure those of you interested pre-register ready.

Sword of Convallaria

Sword of Convallaria is a beautiful tactical RPG that reminds me a low of Brown Dust 2 with combat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. It features a deep, choice-based narrative, strategic turn-based combat on a grid-based battlefield, a neopixel artstyle, and music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, known for Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, and Tactics Ogre.
Sword of Convallaria is holding an upcoming test phase beginning January 11th, lasting through January 18th. Players will be able to play the game via PC and Android. It doesn’t seem as though iOS is a platform included in this test phase specifically, but might have a test phase dedicated to it in the future.
Strangely, if players can find text errors, they’ll be rewarded with Amazon Gift Cards. So you’re kinda being paid to test it. If you find enough grammatical errors, anyway.
I’m kinda excited for this one. It looks pretty damn good aesthetically.


Nornium is a degenerate scifi action Gacha game that offers players some of the most explicit Waifu’s you’ll encounter in the Gacha genre.
Nornium takes place in space, where players take control of “Droids,”and engage aliens? Space creatures? in action combat, utilizing dodges, parries, and some pretty sick looking special effects.
A Global release has been confirmed, with the (small) dev team working tirelessly to bring their dream of Nornium to fruition.
Nornium is confirmed to be releasing on Android and iOS, (potentially PC?) with a Closed Beta beginning on December 28th, and lasting through January 11th. Meaning you can technically get in and play the game right now!

Persona 5: The Phantom X

Persona 5 The Phantom X is one of – wait is it the first? Iunno. It’s a new Persona 5 spinoff, titled The Phantom X, releasing in China currently.
This incarnation of the game isn’t developed by Atlus or Sega, instead, Perfect World Games and Black Wings Studio are in charge of the game, which has a Chinese origin as opposed to Japanese, however they confirmed both Atlus and Sega have – in quotation – “deep involvement” in the game’s development.
Combat seems to be turn-based, however, there are some alterations made. Players will be able to explore Tokyo and fish, bathe, exercise in the gym, work, watch movies and go on dates. The Closed Beta begins on January 22nd, and lasts an undisclosed length of time.