July has been a pretty sweet month for Gacha games. We got to play Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat – which was admittedly a massive letdown for me as a Devil May Cry fan. Kemono Friends – which I’ve heard is better than people thought. Snowbreak, a Gacha I’ve been eagerly anticipating for over a year.
Honestly you should check last month’s video to see what came out – so you can keep up to date.
But August looks even better than July, with some releases I had no idea were planned as soon as they are.

Millennium Tour Elf

Millennium Tour Elf is an Anime RPG with a very large focus on elves. I mean.. its in the title after all. I’ve actually done a video on the game in the past – I think it was approximately 4 months ago.
Back in March, the devs held a Closed Beta test with limited slots, and have been pretty silent since then. Until earlier this week, when they confirmed that the game will be entering Open Beta testing on August 10th, with pre-registration actually already open on the Chinese App Store.
No Global release date has been confirmed yet, but from the gameplay I saw in the trailer a few months ago it looked like it had the potential to be a fun game. If you want my full thoughts on it, I have a link to it in the description and pinned comment below. Otherwise, I might stream the game during Open Beta. Dunno.


I didn’t even know Dawnlands existed until last month when someone DM’d me the trailer for an Open Beta test that was going live at the time, and to my surprise, it turns out the Open Beta was in preparation for the full launch – on August 8th.
Dawnlands is an open-world survival crafting MMORPG set in a fantasy world. It’s bright, vibrant, and honestly feels a lot like Craftopia on a larger scale, but with much worse gameplay.
It utilizes an action combat system, has players forage for resources, surviving a dangerous world with other players. Building towns, rebuilding towns after they’re destroyed. Quitting and rerolling on a new server that isn’t overrun with toxic PvPers ruining the experience for everyone else.
Dawnlands is launching fully cross-platform between PC and Mobile devices, and given the gameplay during the test phase I feel like this is far from ready. Unless they’ve touched it up significantly. Which I doubt. Nevertheless it could still be a fun little side-game.

Black Moon

Black Moon is a fast-paced side-scrolling action RPG with a focus on combos. The game is an entirely new intellectual property, with a much darker, grittier setting than your typical Gacha games.
Not a whole lot has been revealed about the game, yet they’ve just opened pre-registration for players ahead of their upcoming test phase.
When specifically is currently unconfirmed, but it is speculated the game will be available to test in some form either this or next month. Or maybe they’ll go silent after their reveal. I guess we’ll see shortly.
Either way, I’m always a fan of controlling your own character in combat, so this looks promising to me.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle

You should all know what Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is. If not, you’ve got a whole weekend to binge the Anime.
Or several weekends, actually, as the studio behind the upcoming DanMachi Battle Chronicle game, abbreviated to DanChro is going to be launching Globally on PC, Android and iOS August 24th.
DanChro is an action RPG that has players occupy the world of the Anime, reliving the adventures of Bell – although with a little more input from you personally. And more Waifu’s. Tons of additional Waifu’s. Which is a bonus.

Tower of Fantasy

And finally, Perfect World Games announced back in June that they would be taking publishing rights from Level Infinite, who has been publishing Tower of Fantasy since its release, and publish the game themselves on to PS4 and PS5 on August 8th.
This has players somewhat concerned, as while the game itself is a lotta fun, there will be no cross-platform functionality. Meaning to play on console, you need to start a new account entirely, and all progress you have will be lost.
This is an easy way to secure a new, paying playerbase on PlayStation, and Perfect World Games are smart for making this move. But it is at the expensve of the game in its current form, and could fracture the community more than it already is.
If cross-play were enabled and functional, new PlayStation players would bolster the current playerbase and earnings, rather than disconnect them all together. Despite this, there are pre-order packages available on the PlayStation store currently, ranging from $10 to $100. How they think they can charge those prices is beyond me.