August admittedly wasn’t a half bad month. Millennium Tour Elf, Dawnlands, Danmachi Battle Chronicle. There were some decent releases. And we got a Tower of Fantasy meme out of it too, that even the official Twitter is making fun of.

But September looks even better than August, with some Gacha games I had no idea were even in development. 

Aster Tatariqus

Aster Tatariqus is a strategy RPG I’ve been covering for the past year, ever since its announcement. Admittedly, I’d only ever seen a single trailer up until this point.
So when they’d confirmed a release date for August 28th – yesterday, I was both shocked and ecstatic. Shocked because I didn’t expect it to release in Japan with so little marketing, and ecstatic because it means we can successfully play it.
Although at present it’s only available in Japanese, it’s still playable if you download the APK.
Aster Tatariqus is kind of like a visual novel, with branching storylines that allow you to pursue the game with varying characters. The game is a strategy game at its core, so don’t expect fast paced action combat. You can freely explore the main town though, which you can see in the trailer.

Brown Dust 2

Okay so this one is actually a little tricky. Typically, when a Gacha game launches, it launches on a specific platform, or rarely, cross-platform. At a later date, if the game is successful enough, they might port the game over to other platforms.
When this happens, I like to cover it because it’s an entirely new game for a certain demographic of player. In this instance, Brown Dust 2 launched a couple months ago and quickly became a favorite of mine because it felt like an old JRPG rather than a Gacha game.
And as of September 21st, it is releasing on to PC. Up until this point, it has remained a mobile exclusive. I’ve always noted it seemed like it would make a great console game – and while not necessarily the platform I had anticipated, I’m not gonna knock it.
This game was inhibited by its mobile exclusivity, so seeing it release on to a platform like PC is a blessing. Additionally, it seems to be launching with some quality of life improvements that should make a lot of players happy.
Brown Dust 2 is a turn-based old-school RPG.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Months after I played their last test phase – early access? I forget. Months after I last played Dragonheir: Silent Gods, they have confirmed that the game is finally launching. Dragonheir is a pretty unique Gacha game.
It’s like an old-school DnD-inspired RPG, that lets you explore a large, segregated world with meaningful choices, lots of varied biomes, a deep, complex narrative and a lot of hidden areas and items to plunder.
Dragonheir utilizes a semi-real-time semi-turn-based strategy combat system, where players deploy an array of units into battle, spread over a grid, positioning heroes to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses.
Honestly I played probably 10 hours straight of the game and had more fun than I had anticipated. Dragonheir is officially launching on to PC – via Steam, and Mobile, September 19th, Globally.

Honkai: Star Rail

PS5 players have been eagerly anticipating Honkai: Star Rail since it was first announced. It released simultaneously on to PC and Mobile platforms and has seen infinite success. More so than anyone had ever anticipated.
Console players felt left out though, with the promise that they would one day be able to play. That day is.. actually closer than they might think, as HoYo held a recruitment phase for interested PlayStation players that ended just yesterday on the 28th.
The PS5 Technical Test begins on September 4th, and will run for an undisclosed length of time judging from their website. Honkai: Star Rail is currently the largest, highest grossing Gacha game in the world, and features a gorgeous Anime aesthetic, and turn-based combat.

Code Geass: Lost Stories

Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood are my 2 favorite Anime – so when I heard they were making a Code Geass Gacha game I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Gacha adaptations of Anime series always turn out horrible.
Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen of Code Geass: Lost Stories.. that might not be the case. Lost Stories is a tower defense game – which I love. It allows you to experience the story from a different perspective, which is something I don’t love. They claim this is a “lost story” from the Anime.
Which means it’s probably original, and not at all canon, making shit up for the sake of spinning the franchise off into a Gacha game. But I’m not going to immediately write this off without at least first trying it. Code Geass: Lost Stories releases on September 13th.

Lovebrush Chronicles

Now here’s a game I’d never heard of.. until literally 2 seconds ago: Lovebrush Chronicles. Apparently this is a narrative-driven romance game set in the multiverse. The game features multiple universes with infinite stories from Western fantasy to modern era.
There are branching narratives with diverse endings. The option of developing deep, complex relationships. I know very little about the game, seriously. I’m actually very intrigued by what I read however so will definitely check it out.
I’m not entirely sure it features Waifu’s, though, as I only saw Husbando’s in the artwork. But there’s a market for those kinds of games! Pre-registration is currently open, with a release date right around the corner! Unfortunately only 37,000 players have signed up for the game thus far, but I’m hoping that changes!