September was honestly kind of a slow month. Dragonheir launched – and is honestly not a bad game. Code Geass: Lost Stories launched, and that really is a bad game. There were a few test phases that took place but ultimately I felt the month was relatively underwhelming.

But October looks much better than September, with some Gacha games I had no idea were even in development. 

Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is one of the most visually stunning Gacha game releases – probably ever. I played the last Global Beta and thoroughly enjoyed myself, burning dozens of hours over just a couple days.
The game takes place throughout time, slowly moving you back further and further through history as the world slowly implodes unto itself, erasing events year by year.
It features turn-based combat, which I know isn’t for everyone. This is always a complaint I receive when reacting to game announcements – “ew, who plays turn-based games? The only good game is an action game.”
I love turn-based combat and action combat both, so this is absolutely of no consequence to me. The character diversity is astounding – you’ll need to experience this first-hand to really understand what I mean, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the voice acting is superb.
If this isn’t a massive hit I don’t know what will be. Reverse: 1999 is releasing Globally on October 26th, with pre-registration currently open and available. The game will have a dedicated PC client, and mobile play.

Wizardry Variants Daphne

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the game’s existance, but apparently, Wizardry Variants Daphne is a game that’s been in active development for a while now. And we’re finally going to be able to play it.
The studio confirmed last week that they would be holding a Closed Beta for the game, with applications actually closing just yesterday on September 28th. The Beta test will be playable either on PC or on mobile platforms, with full account cross-saving – meaning cross-play functionality implemented.
The Beta test will run through October theoretically, and last 10 days. We don’t have a definitive day at present, however. Content featured will include the first chapter, which is said to encompass roughly the first 15 to 20 hours of the game.
Wizardry Variants Daphne is an old-school dungeon-crawler, as players slowly traverse what is known as the “Abyss” in command-based combat.

Cat Fantasy

Cat Fantasy is a game for pussy lovers. Pussy-cat lovers. Shit. For people that love playing with soft warm kitties. Wait that just continues to sound so wrong. Cat Fantasy allows you to live your dream of building a harem of neko’s. Male and female.
And honestly from what I’ve seen of gameplay it’s actually a surprisingly decent quality game. The best part is that they’re holding a Beta test right now that lasts until October 8th.
I know numerous people that have applied and gotten in – which means the chances aren’t horrifically low. The only catch is that it seems as though this Beta is specifically targeted towards SEA players. Which shouldn’t be difficult to get around.
Cat Fantasy utilizes a turn-based combat system – much like Reverse: 1999, which I know might turn some people away from playing it.

Girls Frontline 2

Girls Frontline 2 is arguably one of the most anticipated Gacha games of 2024. Not only does it have some of the most incredible character models for Waifu’s, but it implements fully 3-Dimensional graphics with 2-Dimensional gameplay.
Girls Frontline 2 has been in active development for years, alongside Neural Cloud which launched last year and has pretty much declined to the point of obscurity. Which I don’t think will happen here, given the type of game this is and how good it genuinely looks.
As of September 28th, Girls Frontline 2 is fully playable in an Open Beta state, allowing anyone to register and download the game either via the official PC client, or on mobile, fully cross-platform.
The Open Beta will last until October 12th, so if you’ve been anticipating this as much as I have, or are just looking for something to play this month, I urge you to check it out. It’s unlikely you’ll regret doing so.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda

If you’ve ever played Dungeon Fighter Online you’ll immediately recognize the kind of game this is, as ASTRA describes themselves as a “violent 2D action RPG brawler” where players tackle numerous dungeons – instances, much in the way you would a dungeon crawler.
It seems very dark, filled with gruesome action combat, and looks like exactly what we need in a genre so overrun with cute vibrant games. Not that there’s anything wrong with cute vibrant games. But a little diversity never hurts.
ASTRA is holding their first Global Beta Test beginning on the 25th of September through the 8th of October, with the test phase taking place on PC and mobile platforms.

Star Lusts

This is a game I can’t show footage of because of the kind of game it is. Gameplay seems to be a cross between a bullet hell and shoot’em up with Waifu’s that are legitimately.. out of this world. And it is fully playable.
While the Waifu’s are absolutely insane looking, much like all games of this kind, I wouldn’t anticipate it garnering a very large audience, since they’re really only good for one thing.

Himegimi ni Eikan wo Climax

Much like the aforementioned game, I can’t show footage due to the kind of game this is. I’m risking this video by even including them, but I feel an obligation to nonetheless. I’m sure you guys can do a sufficient amount of.. research and decide whether it’s worth it for you or not.
It looks like – based off of footage I’ve seen this is a very basic, low-effort auto-game? Or turn-based game? I couldn’t tell, that’s how slow it felt. Either way, it released and is now fully playable!

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains is a strategy card game with RPG elements that is – wait for it – based on the Anime and Manga of the very same name. Featuring Kaneki, and the cast of characters looking exactly as they did in the Anime.
Break the Chains will feature fully 3D characters and animations, supposedly has over 30 characters from the original series, allows for the building and maintenance of bonds with respective characters, PvP and more.
Pre-registration is currently open for the title, with a release date speculated for some point in October – maybe November at the latest. And yes, you can smell the cash grab from miles away. An entire continent away.