February 2024 wasn’t a bad month for new Gacha games. We got to see Crunchyroll fail once again with One Punch Man World, not even making it into the top 30 highest grossing Gacha games in its launch month. Ex Astris, from the developers of Arknights and Arknights Endfield launched, although it’s a paid game so not really a Gacha.
AFK Journey held a test phase – which was a lot of fun. And a few other Asian Gacha games either launched, or held tests that I didn’t get to participate in.

March looks like it might end up being REALLY good – as there are a few titles many of us have been eagerly anticipating for a long time now.

Hey, my name is Stix and welcome back to another episode of “Gacha’s releasing next month,” a series I do every single month where I take the time to make you aware of everything releasing in the coming 30 days, in an effort to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2

Let’s start this off by talking about Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2. Part 2 isn’t an entirely new game, rather, it’s an entirely new version of the game. Not only are we progressing in terms of narrative – with new characters, new settings.
Not only are they altering Gacha rates, implementing some pretty significant quality of life improvements. But in a recent stream, the dev team confirmed that the game will be available on Mac. They have several online and offline events planned, along with numerous upcoming collabs, like Razr.
All in all, Part 2 is on track to look and feel like an entirely new game set in the Honkai Impact universe, and I’m very excited to play catchup over the next couple months until I reach it. The release date is set for February 29 – which I know isn’t technically March, but it’s literally the day before it starts.

Resonance Solstice

Resonance Solstice is a unique upcoming Gacha game where players take on the role of a “Conductor,” drive a train, engage in battles against enemies, and.. well, I don’t actually know what the story has to offer players. Or if there’s even really much of a story at all.
Combat takes the form of a real-time card system, with hundreds of different cards and thousands of different card combinations. All characters feature full Live 2D animations, which is always a plus.
Players will navigate a large world via train, exploring different locales, visiting different cities each with their own unique stories and characters. There are hundreds of Husbando’s and Waifu’s to collect. This is a Gacha game that takes a very interesting perspective – one I’ve not yet encountered.
My only concern is based off of the gameplay I saw it did feel a little clunky and slow, as the bulk of the game takes the form of driving a train. But it might be a lot more engaging than that, I won’t know until I play it.
Much like Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2, the game is also releasing on February 29th – but since I didn’t include it in last month’s video – because it wasn’t confirmed at the time, I felt obligated to include it here.

Solo Leveing: Arise

Solo Leveling: Arise has been one of the most anticipated Gacha games ever since it was announced, and while that anticipation is most definitely warranted, the concern surrounding it has just as much merit. Solo Leveling: Arise is a beautiful Gacha game.
Character models look fantastic, the environments look great. The action combat looks very impressive. Plus, it’s based on the Solo Leveling intellectual property so there was always going to be a lot of hype surrounding it.
However, in spite of how incredible this game looks and sounds on paper, the matter of fact is.. it is being handled by Netmarble.
Netmarble have ruined pretty much every single game – not just Gacha game – game – that they have gotten their grubby little hands on, and as much as I hate to admit defeat this early, this game probably won’t be any different. Netmarble’s work mantra is “Profits first, screw our players.”
Now I could be wrong, and Netmarble could pull off the rare win, but it’s doubtful. Nevertheless, I still plan on enjoying what I can from the game before everyone stops playing it. Which if One Punch Man World is anything to go off of.. could be very early in its life cycle. Solo Leveling: Arise is holding what is believed to be an Open Beta test on March 8th, 2024, with a full release in April.

AFK Journey

I’ve played a little AFK Arena in the past and it wasn’t really my kinda game. I played the Beta for AFK Journey recently, however, and holy crap was this game completely different.
It had a large open world to explore – that was, admittedly, gated behind story, which was fine. It had great character models, the option to create your own character, a fully voiced over story, actual characters with personalities.
I went into this game thinking it was going to be an AFK Idle game, when in reality, what I got to experience was so much more – there are AFK features present but this is in no way an AFK game. And that’s part of what made the game so much fun – you were required to actually play it.
Now I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention when AFK Journey is releasing specifically, as I have future dedicated videos coming on it as part of a deal with the developer, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume I’m allowed to say it should at least – in theory be releasing in March 2024.
And I cannot wait to get to play it fully. It’s an incredible amount of fun – much more than it really had any right to be.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda

If you’ve ever played Dungeon Fighter Online you’ll immediately recognize the kind of game this is, as ASTRA describes themselves as a “visually stunning, story-rich, violent 2D action RPG brawler” where players tackle numerous dungeons – instances, much in the way you would a dungeon crawler.
It seems very dark, filled with gruesome action combat, with the devs touting their “fluid 2D combat with powerful skills and dodge rolling.”
What’s more, ASTRA isn’t a single-player game, rather, it allows for up to 4 Knights of Veda to be present in a group, so cross-play with up to 3 other players is possible, allowing for full co-operative play, rewarding players by allowing them to explore and progress together.
ASTRA is opening pre-registration on March 5th, 2024, with a release coming shortly after.

Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is probably tied with Wuthering Waves as 2024’s biggest, most hyped, most anticipated Gacha release. Or at least it was, until it became apparent to all of us that the game was a TV simulator, and Wuthering Waves emerged as the most anticipated Gacha game of 2024.
But let me be completely blunt with all of you: Yes the TV aspect of the game is absolute turd-worthy. It could be fun as a mini-game. It could be an interesting little side-activity that enhances gameplay. But putting that aside, the gameplay itself, the fluidity of movements, the narrative, the voice acting.
So much of Zenless remains an absolute staple of quality production, and will still arguably be a lot of fun to play. I’m just hoping they find a way to balance the TV sim by either refocusing the game on gameplay or making gameplay stages much more common.
It was confirmed recently that Zenless has opened pre-registration within China at present, with what is speculated as an NDA-test being run before final launch. So pre-registration is currently open, there might be a single additional public test phase this month within China, with a rumored April launch.
Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but we could potentially get a single, final test Globally within the next month so I’d strongly urge you to keep an eye out. Because I’m still excited to play it. I just hate that they nerfed Nicole, man. Absolutely gutted after seeing her new model.