AFK Journey, the next installment in the “AFK” franchise has been confirmed to be launching, Globally, on March 27th, 2024. AFK Journey is releasing fully cross-platform on PC, Android and iOS. AFK Journey is the upcoming sequel to the popular AFK Arena RPG developed by Lilith Games, although having played both games, I can tell you that they are contrastingly different from one another.

Combat is much more engaging than I’d ever thought it’d be. 

The world is large and open. Opening the world map you’ll be greeted by enormous zones, a plethora of different towns, hundreds of NPCs scattered around the world all with interesting backstories or lore. You also fully control your character, moving them around the world and experiencing it all manually. Which isn’t to say there aren’t auto-options to an extent, there are, but the manual play is flawless.

There’s a rich narrative with fully voice acted cutscenes. Lots of diverse characters and races – both to recruit, and to have accompany you on your journey.
When I went into AFK Journey, I went into it with the notion that this game would be a game that I didn’t have to play. That I’d just log into, and leave, logging in maybe once a week but this game really encourages you playing. You literally navigate the world manually – which is ridiculously fun.

Thankfully, the AFK functionality comes in to enhance the game, rather than hinder it. If you begin the game, play for a few hours, then leave the game for a day, when you return, you’ll have earned enough resources to really upgrade your characters.