We got an exciting month ahead of us. June marks the middle of the year – we’ve had some absolute killer releases in the first half of 2023: Limbus Company, Eversoul, Honkai: Star Rail, Aether Gazer, and the genre is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.
What this means is that new Gacha games are going to be releasing. New Gacha games are going to be entering into Beta test phases. And new Gacha games are going to be opening up pre-registration periods.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

I know we just spoke about Snowbreak, so let me keep this short and simple: As of May 30th – tomorrow, actually, after this video goes live, Snowbreak is going to be entering full, Global Closed Beta testing on PC, Android and iOS. PC begins on May 30th, where Mobile begins on May 31st.
The Beta runs through June 14th across both platforms, with a confirmed release date slated for July. Pre-registration is available, with over a million players already pre-registering for the game in anticipation of its launch.
I’ll actually be streaming this this week for those of you that wanna see gameplay in real-time.

Idoly Pride

I know absolutely nothing about Idol games. That’s Idol spelled with an O – Idol – not an E – Idle. Idle games like Eversoul I know plenty about, but I don’t watch Anime or play games about Idols. I can’t begin to express why that is.
Idoly Pride is a large-scale multimedia project, comprised of much smaller projects, including but not limited to the Anime and multitude of games.
Idoly Pride features an idle combat system – this time spelled with an E, not an O, and puts players in control of micromanaging a group of idols, as you attempt to grow them as artists, including their fanbases. You can – supposedly – find singers, dancers, and manage their bookings for events.
Global pre-registration is currently open, with a release date confirmed for June 1st.

Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp, also known as Yuru Camp is a Gacha game adaptation of the Anime. For those of you unfamiliar with the Anime, or, the game, to the same extent, Laid-Back Camp features about what you’d expect: An experience that revolves entirely around camping. That’s the whole premise of the game.
Players will be able to set up their own campsites, with characters directly from the Anime series. There are recipes you can acquire, camping gear to obtain, with a focus on survival and simulation.
Laid-Back Camp isn’t yout typical action RPG, on the contrary, this is a very chill, releaxing game to spend some time engaging in less violent activities.
The Global launch will take place on June 15th.

Takt Op Symphony

Takt Op Symphony is a game I had no idea even existed until it was brought to my attention earlier today. And I’m a little shocked I hadn’t come across it until this point because the game looks absolutely beautiful! It features some gorgeous character models, stunning environments, and beautiful turn-based combat.
Admittedly, when in-game you take control of chibi-characters, which is something a lot of you are going to find fault with. I held a poll the other day asking if people liked or disliked chibi graphics, and quite a few of you voted no.
But I’d like to assume you guys are willing to give a game a chance before immediately writing it off purely due to disliking the models utilized.
From the surface, the game looks like a pretty traditional RPG, but time will tell how true that turns out to ultimately be.
We’ll be able to play the game officially, Globally, on June 28th.

Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King

Black Clover Mobile: Rise of the Wizard King is a video game adaptation of the popular Black Clover Anime series, set within the same world, and featuring many of the same events you’ve no doubt already experienced while watching.
The description for the game lists that it is an “action RPG,” but from the gameplay I’ve seen it seems much more turn-based than action-oriented, but I could be wrong.
I haven’t gotten to experience any Beta tests myself at present, but I am well aware typically Gacha adaptations of popular Anime series are typically low-quality, low-effort and generally poorly received. Which isn’t necessarily going to be the case here, especially given this game actually looks pretty damn good visually.
The official release is scheduled for June 30th – direct competition for Takt Op Symphony.

Brown Dust II

Brown Dust II is admittedly one of the better looking chibi Gacha games on the immediate horizon, with the studio claiming they offer “console level graphics,” which isn’t entirely false. The game really does look stunning aesthetically.
Brown Dust II features a turn-based combat system, albeit one that definitely looks vastly inferior and feels significantly different to its predecessor.
There is a functional “console mode” implemented, allowing us to play the game on our TV for a much crisper, more HD experience – honestly something I haven’t every really seen done.
Pre-registration is currently open, with a final Closed Beta test being held from June 8th through June 12th. Signups for the final Beta test close on May 31st, with players receiving an email with confirmation on June 2nd.
Despite its final Beta test taking place in the middle of the month, Brown Dust II is still confirmed to be fully releasing in June – at a yet undisclosed time.


Prometheus is actually one of the cooler looking titles coming this month. It’s an an action RPG – utilizing real action combat but whereas Punishing Gray Raven and Honkai Impact feature 3D models, Prometheus features chibi models, and feels much more like MapleStory 2 than anything else.
Little is known about the game currently, as they’re actually entering into their first Closed Beta this month. Unfortunately, it looks as though applications for the Beta are closed, but the Beta test will be running beginning June 9th through June 16th. No mention of a full release has been given at present.