Duet Night Abyss is a fantasy adventure RPG with an enormously open, freely explorable world. It features a deep, rich narrative, telling the story of “Demons” from dual perspectives. Players can select one of two different protagonists – male and female, as they move through the world, collecting numerous Husbando’s and Waifu’s via Gacha. There is a fast, fully functional action combat system present, allowing for multiple weapon loadouts.

Both protagonists have vastly different backgrounds, and will tell stories that unfold differently depending on who you choose. To what extent is unknown. Players will seamlessly swap between both ranged and melee weapons, allowing you to play in an entirely new way, breaking free of traditional limitations imposed by action Gacha games.

Combat is fast and fluid. You’ll engage enemies on the ground, and take to the air to unleash massive barrages. You can climb, fly, slide, double jump – there are a large number of movement techniques that allow a whole new level of exploration.

Duet Night Abyss will be releasing Globally on to PC and Mobile (Android/iOS.) Pre-registrations are currently open, with a Closed Beta expected in the near future.


English: Hero Games / Pan Studio


Upcoming – Chinese release confirmed, Global release confirmed, Closed Beta incoming.


Duet Night Abyss is a fantasy adventure RPG with a high degree of freedom developed by Hero Games’ Pan Studio.
The game features “multiple weapon loadouts & 3D combat” at its core, and tells the story of “Demons” from dual perspectives.

We have created a world where magic and machinery coexist. Freely switch between melee and ranged weapons in exhilarating one-vs-all battles, and freely choose between multiple methods of movement to swiftly progress through any space.

As two protagonists from wildly different backgrounds, players will embark on a dual journey, encountering countless Demons and exploring the intertwined truths of fate.
We await your arrival, for together, we will turn the Helix of Fate!

Duet Night Abyss Global Release Date

Duet Night Abyss is a highly anticipated Anime Gacha RPG that has the Gacha community excited. It offers an enormous open-world for players to explore, some of the fastest third-person action combat available in the genre, both female and male characters to recruit...

Duet Night Abyss Pre-Registration

Duet Night Abyss is a brand new upcoming open-world Anime Gacha RPG. It features a deep, complex dual-narrative focusing on the story of 2 separate protagonists. Players are able to select between the male and female, which each possess distinct backstories unrelated...