Duet Night Abyss is a highly anticipated Anime Gacha RPG that has the Gacha community excited. It offers an enormous open-world for players to explore, some of the fastest third-person action combat available in the genre, both female and male characters to recruit via Gacha, and the ability to engage enemies – and explore, both on land or via air, in impressive aerial combat.

Duet Night Abyss has all of us excited, but this ultimately means nothing if we’re unable to play it, right? Which is why a Global release is so important. But is Duet Night Abyss releasing Globally, and if so, when is the release date specifically?

Thankfully, it was confirmed that the studio behind Duet Night Abyss are already looking to release the game Globally, and across various platforms in the near future. When specifically is unconfirmed. We’re unsure whether the game will be releasing simultaneously worldwide, or if it will release in China first then overseas at a later date. One thing we do know is that we should be receiving it Globally, which should at the very least lessen the stress of whether we’ll ever get to play it or not.