White Noise Survival is a brand new upcoming third person action Gacha game that looks to challenge the titans of the action genre – Punishing Gray Raven and Honkai Impact 3rd.
It features a 3D-cel shaded Anime aesthetic, full action combat, a segregated world with mission and chapter-based progression, and ultimately looks and feels a lot like a cross between Aether Gazer and Snowbreak.

White Noise Survival is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where aliens/monsters/technological creatures seem to have driven Humanity to extinction, and it’s up to you, and a group of incredibly hot Husbando’s and Waifu’s to save the world from imminent destruction. 


Tectree Technology


Upcoming – Chinese release confirmed, Global release unconfirmed.


“The Almighty Mother Goddess created the world. When she fell asleep, the torrent of data in her body turned into the eternal river. On the eternal tree nourished by the eternal river, the data flows converged into data nodes – the ancient gods were born from the nodes. The ancient gods created All things, all things follow the appearance of the ancient gods, beautiful mechanical structures, elegant logical algorithms, and human beings are just a small bug in the creation of the world. Weak, inefficient, and godless organic creatures should be born to obey machines. Are the laws of gods the answer you want? Or – what you want is an answer that humans cannot bear? ” – Mr. , is the creator, and human beings have become captive domestic animals

[Fragmented Narrative] The truth of the world is hidden in every corner, collect the lost fragments, whether it is voice, email or video

[Suspense and reasoning] Each character has his own secret, No one can completely believe it. Look for flaws and deduce the truth.

[High-precision characters] In order to restore the charm of the characters, every detail is carefully polished to ultra-high standards. There is rain in your heart and light in your eyes.

[ High-quality combat] Real-time combat, smooth combos, Freely combine skills and combos to match your own build

White Noise Survival Pre-Registration

White Noise Survival is a brand new upcoming Chapter and Mission-based Anime Gacha RPG. It features a post-apocalyptic narrative. Players will guide a group of Husbando's and Waifu's throughout numerous instanced levels, as you attempt to save the world from ruin. As...