One Punch Man is one of the most popular Anime around the world. It featured an incredible first season, and over time, has become a cultural phenomenon, with everyone immediately recognizing the protagonist, Saitima.

As seems to be the case with Gacha games, in an effort to capitalize on the success One Punch Man has achieved, a Gacha game was conceived: One Punch Man: World, developed by T3 Studio and published by Perfect World Games.

There are 8 confirmed characters to use at the time of the game’s release: Saitama, Genos, Atomic Samurai, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, Puri Puri Prisoner, Golden Ball and Lightning Max. The story will focus on the first season of the Anime series, and will feature a lot of chaotic action.

Pre-registration is currently open, with a Global Closed Beta beginning on October 18th, 2023. This test phase will be for PC and Android platforms, with pre-download being accessible beginning October 16th. The Beta will run through October 26th.