Black Moon is a horizontal, side-scrolling Action RPG set in the year 2179. Our world is covered in darkness due to the mysterious Black Moon, which allowed for dangerous monsters to overrun humanity. In an active effort to salvage what’s left of mankind, heroes referred to as “The Chosen Ones” have come forward. We take on the role of one of 3 heroes, Kamitsuki, Ling and Lilim as we attempt to save the world. One Waifu at a time.

Additional features include large-scale guild wars, several PvP game modes, team missions that require players work together to accomplish your objective. The combat is full action. Players move left to right, horizontally, across small zones. Abilities are limited, with the game having very strong resemblances to both Closers Online and Counter:side. 

Characters will feature their own unique weapons, abilities and class archetypes. It’s unclear how many class archetypes there will be, or if the character you select can alternate between them. 

There is no release date slated for Black Moon at present, but with the October Closed Beta, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine a full release being too far off.