Gacha games are always fluctuating. Whether a game is doing good or bad is entirely dependent on what banner is currently available, what content was recently released, and what the competition is doing.

Despite that, there are certain Gacha games that continue to outperform others, leading them to eclipse the vast majority of other games within the genre. Genshin Impact, Arknights, Honkai: Star Rail, Blue Archive, Raid: Shadow Legends. Whether a game is good or not is of no concern to players that are willing to dump thousands, tens of thousands – or even in some instances, hundreds of thousands of dollars into a game. 

With this in mind, I’ve taken on the responsibility to report on the monthly earnings for every major Gacha game. So you know where your favorite game stands in the sea of Gacha – including total downloads.

Do note: This is pertaining to Global earnings and downloads – disregarding other regions (China, Japan, Korea etc.,) and will only feature Mobile earnings (not including PC/console financials.)

#1 Genshin Impact

At #1 we have Genshin Impact, which has managed to retain a monopoly on the market moving into the new year, although they saw a decrease in total revenue compared to last month. A decline from $127 million dollars totaling China and Global to $118 million dollars.
Global alone made $63 million dollars, to put this into perspective for other titles. There were still upwards of 3 million new downloads, however.


While we can only track NIKKE’s Global earnings, it managed to actually see an increase in revenue – from $43 million dollars up to $47 million dollars earned in total. With this, it managed to maintain its #2 spot.
People thought NIKKE would see a very rapid, very steep decline but contrary to popular belief, the game is doing incredibly well, managing over half a million new downloads this month.


Fate/Grand Order maintains its grip on #3, with a nice increase over its previous months earnings from $42 million dollars to $45 million dollars between Japan and Global. It also saw over 360,000 new downloads – a whopping increase over last month’s 40,000.

#4 Uma musume

Uma Musume comes in at #4 as – within Japan, it continues to see incredible success, increasing from $28 million dollars to $41 million dollars last month. Yet still only a few thousand total downloads. Meaning the game isn’t growing in size, but current players are spending more than ever.

#5 blue archive

Coming in at #5 is a Gacha game that has, realistically, never been in the top 5 before: Blue Archive. Blue Archive saw a monumentally large increase in revenue, from $6 million dollars combined with Japan and Global, to $20.7 million dollars. That’s more than 3 times its previous month, is the largest sum of money ever earned in a single month by the game, and has set the year up to be quite the overwhelming success. Sadly, it still only garnered 80,000 new downloads.

#6 Arknights

Arknights comes in at #6 with quite the sizeable increase from its previous month as well. Arknights made $18 million dollars last month, compared to the $3.4 million dollars it made the month before it. And still managed over 300,000 new downloads. That is absolutely crazy.

#7 diablo immortal

Diablo Immortal comes in at #7 with a whopping $17 million dollars earned. That is the same as its previous month. It also managed hundreds of thousands of new downloads, going to show that bad, pay to win, predatory games can still be successful.

#8 raid: shadow legends

Raid: Shadow Legends comes in at #8 with $17 million dollars earned, down from its previous month’s $19 million dollars. Still, the game managed 1 million new downloads – an absolutely astonishing number given the type and quality of game it is.

#9 memento mori

#9 is interestingly enough, Memento Mori, which saw an uptick in earnings from $12 million dollars, to $14 million dollars. It also saw 300,000 new downloads, but this can be attributed to the fact that it’s still technically a new game. Although it’s earning a lot more than most new releases.

#10 summoners war

#10 is Summoners War, which managed to earn $12 million dollars, a decline from the previous month’s $14 million. Unfortunately for the game there were only 90,000 new downloads. Which is still more than half the other games in the top 50.

#11 project sekai

Project Sekai manages to take #11 with $10.9 million dollars earned via both Japan and Global. This is on par with what it made the previous month. It also managed to accumulate over 300,000 new downloads.

#12 seven deadly sins grand cross

Coming in at #12 is The 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross, making a cumulative total of $10 million dollars between Global and Japan, up slightly higher than the previous month’s $9 million. Interestingly, there were only 20,000 new downloads across both regions.

#13 eversoul

Eversoul – which just launched last month managed $9 million dollars in total earnings Globally, comes in at #13. There were 1.2 million new downloads for the game, which are pretty impressive numbers. Admittedly, I had a lot of fun in Eversoul.

#14 heaven burns red

#14 is Heaven Burns Red, a Japanese exclusive that has managed to earn enough to be included in the top 15 Gacha games every month since I started doing this, and continues again with $8 million dollars earned, tying in with the previous month’s $8 million dollars. Like many Japanese exclusives, there were very few new downloads – a mere 20,000.

#15 azur lane

And finally, at #15 is Azur Lane, with $5.5 million dollars earned between both Japan and Global, down from the previous month which saw $8.8 million dollars in earnings. Azur Lane also brought in an estimated 100,000 new players.

As you can see, January was quite a month for Gacha games. Somehow, NIKKE continues to absolutely defy all logic and dominate the genre. Which is really no surprise. Blue Archive and Arknights breaking the top 10 were quite the shocker.
Punishing Gray Raven barely pulled in $2 million. Tower of Fantasy still failed to break into the top 20, and actually saw a decline from $6 million the previous month to $4 million last month, falling into pretty obscure territory.