Project Crescent is a unique upcoming South Korean Gacha game.

It is unknown at present what style of combat AbleGames will employ. From the single trailer released, it seems like encounters will be turn-based, but comments online are claiming action combat so we’ll have to wait and see.

It utilizes a beautiful Anime aesthetic, featuring a plethora of stunning Husbando and Waifu’s – this is not a game with a single gender of recruitable characters.

Currently, there is no pre-registration open for Project Crescent. There is no Beta confirmation, no release date. Either the game is very early in the stages of development, or they’re remaining tight-lipped about things until they’re ready to immediately enter Beta testing.






Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2024-2025


Project Crescent is an upcoming Anime RPG developed and published by AbleGames. There is no current information released concerning the game’s story.

Project Crescent Pre-Registration

Project Crescent is a new interesting South Korean Gacha game. It is set in a beautiful Anime world, with stunning animated characters. It features what seems to be a segregated world, based off of the single trailer available to us at present. Many players are...