Wuthing Waves is an upcoming real-time action Gacha game from the developers of Punishing Gray Raven.

It features a fully open world, allowing for complete seamless exploration without loading screens. There are enormous world boss monsters to engage. It’s powered by a strong narrative that has been 90% rewritten since the first Global Beta test, and has character models and animations that are truly enviable for the genre.

Given this is developed by Kuro Game, you can guarantee the action combat is going to be some of the best in the genre – and from what I’ve experienced, it truly is.

A Global release has been confirmed and is speculated to be releasing by October 2024.

If you want to pre-register, pre-registrations are open and available for the upcoming test phase.


Kuro Game


Kuro Game


Upcoming – Global Confirmed – Release should be in 2024


The world of Wuthering Waves was bombarded by an apocalyptic event called the “Calament” over a century ago. Strange beings arrived and sowed havoc and violence across the lands, leaving the dregs of civilization to tremble on the edge of annihilation.

But peace was forged between the surviving peoples, all of whom pitched in to rebuild cities, homes, and factories from the ruins left behind by the violent invasion. There’s a dreamlike serenity hovering over Wuthering Waves, but it’s deceptive; some unnamed threat still lurks in the shadows. Your sudden, mysterious arrival to the land where you’re only known as “Rover” inexplicably lines up with the growing unease. Expect the Resonators of Wuthering Waves to keep a close eye on you–but the upside is they’ll stay close by your side and watch your back as you fight a host of strange, twisted monsters.

Wuthering Waves Gets Official Release Date

Open-world Action RPG Wuthering Waves is set to release on 2024/05/22 (PT) on PC, iOS, Android, and Epic Games Store. Pre-registration is now open on various platforms!Pre-register now: https://t.co/k8GvoB63h8✦WAKING OF A WORLD✦#WutheringWaves#WutheringWavesLaunch...

Tencent Sparks Controversy by adding Wuthering Waves to WeGame

Players over on Reddit confirmed a few days ago that Tencent-owned WeGame added the upcoming Wuthering Waves action Gacha RPG to their platform, sparking many people to believe that Tencent might have a larger stake in Kuro Games (the developer of Wuthering Waves)...

Kuro Game Confirm Wuthering Waves Closed Beta 2

Kuro Game teased players on January 17, 2024, when they released a Tweet saying "Prepare for the arrival of tomorrow. #WutheringWaves." We were all left speculating what this meant - are we getting a new Beta announcement? Perhaps release date? Shortly after, Kuro...