Kuro Game teased players on January 17, 2024, when they released a Tweet saying “Prepare for the arrival of tomorrow. #WutheringWaves.” We were all left speculating what this meant – are we getting a new Beta announcement? Perhaps release date?

Shortly after, Kuro made a follow-up Tweet stating: “Rover, gear up for a new adventure. Wuthering Waves CBT2 Recruitment has started! Join the recruitment to enter a raffle for iPhone 15 Pro Max, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and more!” with a link to their pre-registration page. Which you can navigate on over to by clicking the button below if you’re interested.

An hour later they made a third Tweet in this thread with a link to an FAQ, answering many questions players might have, including whether Beta progress will be wiped, how to obtain access, how long the test phase will last and when it will begin.

On January 18th, they proceeded to open applications for their content creator program, “Project W.A.V.E,” allowing creators immediate access to their test phase.

And finally, they released a brand new trailer titled “Wuthering Waves — Closed Beta II Gameplay Trailer | Awakening: A World Reborn” that showcased new story, new gameplay, new graphics and an entirely overhauled more vibrant game. 

Many player, myself included, are very happy with the direction Wuthering Waves has been moving. Everything about the game feels very high quality, and as someone who had the opportunity to participate in the last Global Beta test, I cannot wait to get the opportunity to play Wuthering Waves’s most recent version so I can make an adequate comparison between versions.