Jijui: Qifeng Journey is a Chinese themed fantasy game with striking resemblances to Genshin Impact.

Mankind is suffering a disastrous crisis, and you, the Traveler-er, the Wanderer-uh…. Pioneer, will have to explore the Jiuji continent, work together with the Spirit Hunters, and save the Jiuji continent from destruction.

It is confirmed that there will be numerous factions present in-game, each with their own unique aesthetic and focus.

The world will be completely open, giving you the freedom to explore anywhere you want, at your own pace.

A combat style hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, but they do state players will use knowledge and strategy to determine the outcome of battles, with diverse cards and rich tactics.

They’ve also confirmed that you can pre-register right now.


Qiwu Studio


NetEase Games


Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2024


At a time when the survival of human civilization is in crisis, you will shoulder the mission of the “pioneer” of the new generation, explore the mysteries of the Jiuji Continent amidst the entanglements of forces, release the power of the laws of the “Source Star”, and work together with the Spirit Hunters and Guests in ” Save Jiuji Continent and purify life under the crisis of “lunar eclipse”. “Jiuji IP” is an original IP that spans novels, animations, games and other diverse fields. “Travel”, to build a grand and imaginary Jiuji world for all “pioneers”! All “pioneers” are welcome to make a reservation for “Jiuji: Journey to Qifeng”. We look forward to seeing your story on the Jiuji Continent.

Jiuji: Qifeng Journey Pre-Registration

Jijui: Qifeng Journey is one of a multitude of "Genshin clones" on the immediate horizon, joining the ranks of Tower of Fantasy, Wuthering Waves, Unending Dawn, Duet Night Abyss, Project Mugen, Arknights Endfield and more that we've no doubt not yet realized. While...