Jijui: Qifeng Journey is one of a multitude of “Genshin clones” on the immediate horizon, joining the ranks of Tower of Fantasy, Wuthering Waves, Unending Dawn, Duet Night Abyss, Project Mugen, Arknights Endfield and more that we’ve no doubt not yet realized.

While unconfirmed, it is expected to feature a card-based combat system (whether action or turn-based has yet to be decided,) will have a large, completely open world to explore without loading screens, possess a beautiful Chinese aesthetic, and take place in a world where the continent of Jujui is on the brink of destruction. It’s up to you – me – us, to save the continent from ruin.

Currently, pre-registration is open and available, with a release date – both Chinese and Global unavailable. But a 2024 release date is speculated.