Code Seigetsu (代號:星月) is an upcoming action Gacha game.

It features a very fast, very fluid action combat style, combining rapid abilities, aerial combos and fast character alternation.

There are both male and female recruitable characters. It has a deep narrative – with players taking on the role of a “miracle child” and trying to save the world from the “Lord of Shadows.”

It’s unconfirmed, but seems to offer players a large open world to explore, with footage from gameplay alluding to a degree of player freedom. Very few action games – or Gacha games at all, provide players this level of freedom. Full co-operative play is confirmed, allowing you to group up with friends.

It is also going to be cross-platform compatible with PC and Android/iOS.

Code Seigetsu should be releasing in 2024, with a Global release speculated  towards the end of 2024 or early 2025. Pre-registration is currently open and available.