Xunjing – also known in English as “The Realm” (and in Chinese as 烣境) is a fantasy-themed open-world adventure shooting game with a high degree of freedom.

Players will control a single character during battle, with the option of cycling through a grand total of 3 characters at any given time (if what the screenshots show is to be believed.) It’s unconfirmed if there will be Waifu’s exclusively, or a split between Husbando’s – but everything we’ve seen thus far has been exclusively female.

Combat takes the form of a third-person shooter, with grappling, dodging, and a variety of different weapons.

A Global release has not yet been confirmed and is speculated to be releasing in 2024.

If you want to pre-register for upcoming test phases, pre-registrations are open and available via Taptap.


Reflective Fox Studio


Reflective Fox Studio


Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2025+


“The Realm” is a fantasy-themed open world adventure shooting game with a high degree of freedom. If a world is not worth saving, then destroy it. If the world is a house that is not protected from wind and rain, then it is better to tear it down and rebuild it than to live in ruins. Even those who think they own the house will attack you. Even if those cowards huddled among them try to stop you. Even if those sleepyheads who don’t know the truth will curse you. But you understand, but you know – the so-called gods are just rotten masks, the so-called prayers are just desperate gestures, the so-called beliefs are just useless persistence. The human soul is the power to reshape the world; the gun in your hand is the weapon to kill the gods. One day, a bullet will pierce God’s forehead, and the echo of that gunshot will wake up the first morning of the new world.

Xunjing – The Realm Pre-Registration

Xunjing – also known in English as “The Realm” (and in Chinese as 烣境) is a brand new upcoming open-world fantasy-themed adventure third person shooter - blending a world similar to Wuthering Waves with combat that is significantly better than Snowbreak: Containment...