Demis Re:Born is an RPG set within the world of Netmarble’s Grand Cross universe. In this game, players will assume the role of Connectors, individuals with special abilities, who come across Transcendents – the recruitable Husbando and Waifu’s that have entered through the Grand Cross phenomenon, which links different dimensions.
Together, players and their heroes will embark on missions that reveal an deep, rich storyline. Demis Re:Born offers players a visually stunning experience with its well-designed Transcendents and captivating 3D graphics, allowing players to traverse a world in full 3D, with tactical gameplay, NPC interaction and characters reinterpreted from real history.

Netmarble have confirmed that Demis Re:Born is currently in development for PC, iOS, and Android, with an expected release date slated for 2024. There is talk about a Closed Beta test, but nothing concrete at present.


Netmarble F&C




Upcoming – Global Confirmed – Release expected in 2024


Story Mode showcases the journey of Transcendents and Connectors who are mythological or historical heroes reinterpreted with a modern narrative.

The “never-before-seen” story of DEMIS RE:BORN will be revealed: A journey of Connectors and Transcendents retrieve the “OOPARTS” (out-of-place artifacts) that bring chaos to the world.

In DEMIS RE:BORN, Connectors (players) accompany various Transcendents on missions and experience visual storytelling that feels like watching a high-quality anime movie.

The Transcendents are mythological or historical heroes reinterpreted with a modern narrative unique to DEMIS RE:BORN, and each have their own unique background story and settings. Through Netmarble F&C’s strength of creating unique anime-style renderings, each character’s distinguished charms shine through with various movements and delicate emotional expressions depending on different situations.

Demis Re:Born Pre-Registration

Demis Re:Born is Netmarble's newest game based on the Grand Cross IP, featuring a large selection of new Husbando and Waifu's - referred to as Transcendants. Transcendants are based on historical figures, like Alexander, Cleopatra, Odin.  The world features both...