Blue Archive, developed by Nexon Games, is a South Korean RPG that was launched in 2021.

Within the game, players assume the role of a Sensei who has been summoned to the academic city of Kivotos by the president of the General Student Council. This council serves as an extrajudicial committee governing the schools. However, after the president mysteriously disappears, criminal activities begin to escalate in Kivotos. The remaining council members assign the player with the responsibility of resolving these issues and assisting in the search for the missing president.

Blue Archive employs a strategic combat system, where players can create and lead teams of six members in diverse military missions. Players can boost their students’ strengths by leveling them up, equipping them with better weapons and armor, and improving their skills. Through the (surprisingly very free to play friendly) Gacha system, players can recruit additional students (all of which are Waifu’s, there are no Husbando’s in this game.) 


Nexon Games


Worldwide: Nexon

China: Yostar

Japan: Yostar




Blue Archive is set in the academic city of Kivotos, which was formed through the collaboration of numerous academies. The city is comprised of various independent districts, with the highest authority being the president of the General Student Council, a federal committee. This president governs the city from the Sanctum Tower and has access to the records of all students. Prior to the events of the game, the president calls upon the player character, known as Sensei, to serve as an advisor to Schale, an extrajudicial organization established by the president herself. Subsequently, she mysteriously disappears, leading to an increase in criminal activities and the presence of military forces in the city.

The State of Blue Archive in 2024

When Blue Archive launched, nobody anticipated it would achieve the success it has achieved. Blue Archive was released back in February, 2021, and over the last 3 years, has achieved - and conquered many milestones no other Gacha has. It's a game that seems easy at...