Black Beacon (黑色信标) is a unique upcoming Chinese Gacha game.

An official website is live, detailing numerous characters we’ll be able to recruit (both male and female characters are confirmed.)

Combat seems to be complete action – however, the game seems to utilize a top-down isometric perspective, which not everyone tends to enjoy. However that doesn’t seem as though it has inhibited the combat in any capacity as the game looks fast and feels fluid.

It has a dark Anime aesthetic, feeling much gloomier than its vibrant counterparts. It is also already in the process of holding Beta tests, meaning it is far enough through the development process that they’re willing to let players in-game to play.

 A Global release has not been confirmed at this time, but is expected.

If you want to pre-register, pre-registrations are open and available for the upcoming test phase.


Guangzhou Mingzhou Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Mingzhou Technology Co., Ltd.


Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2024-2025


Inheriting the core of ARPG combat, traveling through the gap between civilization and time “Black Beacon” is a top-down action role-playing mobile game.

Behind many legends there is a metaphor for some kind of reality. Under the curtain of history, the story of the Camarilla flows quietly.

When the long-silent beacon awakens again and the myth returns to the world, what kind of reality will you, the “foreseeer” in the prophecy, lead your companions to glimpse?

Black Beacon Pre-Registration

Black Beacon (黑色信标) is a surprising new Chinese action Gacha game. Most Anime RPGs have a tendency to follow the "Genshin formula," and opt for a bright, vibrant game. Black Beacon on the other hand takes the opposite approach, and provides players a dark, grim world...