Abyss Knights is a unique upcoming Gacha game where players take on the role of Atal, a young knight who was betrayed by his (her?) country. They made a contract with the “Devil of the Thirteenth Seat” and fell into a world called “The Confluence.”

Combat is complete action. You cycle through numerous abilities, with every character having their own distinct set of skills and combat styles.

The game features a top-down isometric perspective, and reminds me very strongly of Lost Ark. Abyss Knights looks to have a segregated world, with every zone allowing complete freedom to explore.

Currently, the game is only available in China but a Global version is expected. The trailer was released in English, which is further proof of this. If you’re interested, you can pre-register for the current Closed Beta test, or future Beta tests.


Demon King’s Round Table


Shanghai Demon King Roundtable Technology Co., Ltd.


Upcoming – Global Expected – Release should be in 2024-2025


Atal, a young knight, was betrayed by her country and allies.
Before his death, he made a contract with the “Devil of the Thirteenth Seat” and fell into a different world called “The Confluence”. He
became a hunter, codenamed “The Undertaker”, and
began to fulfill the contract – hunting gods.

The confluence is the other side of the river of life and death, the end of all life forms.
There, time and space, history and myth, past and future are
indescribably intertwined and overlapped.
It is the collection of all beginnings and ends, causes and effects.
All this forms a vortex of eternal flow, slowly sliding towards the abyss.

However, due to an unknown disaster, all cycles have now come to a standstill, and
the law of death has become weaker.
The end of life becomes countless cross roads, where the declining world and the gods are unable to leave.
The “Demons”, the managers of the confluence area,
are conducting in-depth investigations using their own methods, looking for ways to repair the broken cycle.
And gradually get closer to the pale truth in this cage…

This is the story of a girl who kills, grows, redeems, and becomes a king on her way back home
It is also a story about meeting and parting with dozens of fellow travelers with shining souls, and rushing towards their destiny.

The graveyard and cradle of the world – “Convergence” is about to unfold for you.
Go and bring death to the gods, “The Undertaker.”

Abyss Knights Pre-Registration

Abyss Knights is an interesting upcoming Gacha game featuring real-time action combat, full exploration of a segregated world - with the option for complete manual play upon first entry, and auto-play after successful completion of exploration. Players will engage...