Starwill (星回) is a horizontal side-scrolling Anime RPG developed and published by Guangyan Network, a Shanghai-based studio with a single game under their belt in the form of “The Eternal Tree.”

It features a full female cast of characters – and based off of what we’ve seen from the trailers, they’re very, very detailed. Players will be able to form bonds with every NPC, spending “days together, to close the distance between their hearts.”

It features a turn-based combat system with fully animated, dynamic cinematic cutscenes for ultimate abilities.

Characters are also fully 3-dimensional rather than your average Chibi graphical style, which should appeal to a much larger audience.

Currently, there is no information about an upcoming Closed Beta test. A test phase was held in 2024, however, and has since concluded. The game is speculated to be releasing in 2025.


Guangyan Network


Guangyan Network


Upcoming – Global Speculated – Release in 2025.

One day, “the blessing of the stars” fell on a few people. People were able to borrow the power of the stars to fight against the “eclipse” that spread destruction and chaos – but.
Saving the world or something, wait until you collect the “wings”!
The “Children of the Stars” blessed by the stars gathered together on the island of hope “Nova”… The sea of ​​stars is in front, and the happy fish pond is behind, and the relaxed and funny daily life of the campus is about to be staged!

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Starwill is a brand new upcoming Chinese turn-based RPG featuring fully 3D graphics (including 3-dimensional characters rather than your typical chibi character models,) a card-based combat system and beautiful Waifu's (from what we can see there are no male...