Azur Promilia is a brand new upcoming open-world Action Anime Gacha RPG from Manjuu, the developers of the popular free to play friendly Azur Lane, releasing cross-platform on PC, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

Azur Promilia features a fast, fluid action combat system, with the option of swapping between 3 different characters, each with their own unique pets – with their own distinct elemental affinities. There is a functional farming (housing? creation?) system present, full flight, mounts and more, making Azur Promilia one of the most innovative new upcoming Gacha games in the making.

A Global release has been confirmed and is speculated to be releasing in 2024/2025.

If you want to pre-register for upcoming test phases, pre-registrations are open and available via the official website.


Manjuu Network Technology


Manjuu Network Technology


Upcoming – Global Confirmed – Release should be in 2024/2025


Azur Promilia is a fantasy world RPG with creature companionship. Step into a fantasy world, utterly different from the world you know. The world of various civilizations, magic and incredible fantasy creatures, together with tales echoing in the starry sky. Take a daring leap from the sky into the ocean, to once again encounter and bond with new life. Guided by shooting stars, amid the sparkling constellations, this is your very own journey. The entire universe eagerly anticipates the ballad of stars and odyssey, exclusively yours to unfold.

Azur Promilia Release Date?

Azur Promilia is Manjuu (Azur Lane)'s brand new upcoming open-world monster-taming Anime RPG. Ever since its announcement earlier this year, players have been eagerly anticipating its release. And while Manjuu have remained relatively tight-lipped about any type of...

Azur Promilia Pre-Registration

Azur Promilia is an enormous new innovative full action Gacha game from the developers of Azur Lane. Players will explore a large open-world, unlike in competitors (Genshin, Wuthering Waves,) where you traverse the world on foot, Azur Promilia features full mounted...