Azur Promilia is Manjuu (Azur Lane)’s brand new upcoming open-world monster-taming Anime RPG. Ever since its announcement earlier this year, players have been eagerly anticipating its release. And while Manjuu have remained relatively tight-lipped about any type of playable game (neither full release, nor Closed Beta test,) that might be changing as Manjuu confirmed they would be attending Bilibili World 2024, taking place from July 12th through July 14th.

At present, nothing in terms of information is confirmed, but we’re all anticipating receiving news on a Global release date (Manjuu confirmed the game is not only releasing Globally, but also that it’s releasing on PC, Android, iOS and Playstation 5.) Perhaps we’ll get a Global Closed Beta test date. Regardless, we’re getting news next month, with Manjuu remaining committed to seamless communication with their playerbase. Something certain other Gacha games and their studios could learn from.