Axis of Eternity is a brand new upcoming open-world Action Anime Gacha RPG from Tianshu studio, releasing cross-platform on PC, Android, and iOS.

Axis of Eternity features a fast-paced action combat system, featuring a diverse selection of characters, weapons, and elements, is set in a high-fantasy world, has a decent Anime aesthetic, is bright and vibrant. It shares a lot of similarities to another popular Gacha game of the same style: Genshin Impact, but the Tianshu studio promise they’re aim isn’t to copy Genshin, rather, it’s to completely improve on every open-world Anime RPG out there right now.

A Global release has not been confirmed as the game is still in the early stages of development.

If you want to pre-register for upcoming test phases, pre-registrations are open and available via TapTap.


Tianshu studio


Tianshu studio


Upcoming – Global Unconfirmed – Release should be in 2025+

Axis of Eternity (Tianshu) is a fantasy-themed open world action game with a truly high degree of freedom.
Here, you have unprecedented freedom and endless exploration of the game world.
Here, the plots and tasks are rich and colorful, and the character interactions are fun.
Here, you can create a unique ending with your own hands, where wisdom and creativity are intertwined.
Here, the world is full of surprises and you will have fun with many characters.
Here, you and your friends will fight side by side and work together to establish a new order.

Axis of Eternity Pre-Registration

Axis of Eternity is an enormous new open-world action Gacha game that seemingly takes a lot of inspiration from Genshin Impact. Players will be able to explore a large open-world, scaling mountains, gliding across the world. It seems to employ a full action combat...